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Bowling for Soup (often typeset as ¡Bowling for Soup! and abbreviated as BFS) is an American rock band originally formed in Wichita Falls, Texas, in 1994. The band consists of Jaret Reddick (lead vocals, guitar), Chris Burney (guitar, backing vocals), Rob Felicetti (bass, backing vocals, acoustic guitar), and Gary Wiseman (drums, percussion, backing vocals)


  • If I was a cat, and someone threw me off the roof to see if I would land on my feet, I would flip twice and land on my back. Just to piss them off.


That's our new song, its called "Army of Freshmen blew my dad. - The Granada Theater, Lawrence KS on Get Happy Tour 2007

UK Tour London Astoria (2005)[edit]

Jaret: This is the dirtiest bra I've ever seen and there's a long black pubic hair in it.

Jaret: Who brought a giant inflatable cock? It looks like a happy train.

Jaret: You go on bar crawls to get pissed, we go on them because we know that we wont get laid in bar A so we go to bar B.

Get Happy Tour Hammersmith Palaise (2007)[edit]

Upon seeing a sign in the audience.
Dude, that's got to be the coolest sign I've ever seen at a Bowling for Soup concert; 'Jaret has a big wiener' damn, that's funny and true!

Shout if you love Bowling for Soup!
Whole audience shouts
Yeah! Shout if you hate Bowling For Soup!
A small group of people shouts out
You know what? You're shit, but thanks for the money

Cool, a topless woman floating towards me.

Wow, would you look at that, naked Steve.

Get Happy TourBrighton Centre (2007)[edit]

Jaret: Hey, that guys got a g-string caught in his dreadlocks
Eric: Over time it will form into a dreadlock

(Crowd Chants) : B F S, B F S, B F S
(Jaret chants back) P E Nis, P E Nis

Jaret: Everybody look at this, there's a condom floating around and a bunch of guys trying to get it, because they think the penis is still in there... oh wait-oh somebody just-OH he almost got the penis! Keep the penis afloat!!

From the Army Concert Tour at McCain auditorium[edit]

Jaret: Let's give it up for Everclear, for being so awesome.
Jaret: This next song is dedicated to the armed forces. It's called Hooray for Beer.
Jaret: Can we turn off Eric's mike in between songs?
Jaret: How many handsome guys in the crowd? [Only a few shouts reply.] Wow, we need to start up a support group for low self esteem. 'Hi, I'm Jaret. I have low self esteem.'
Chris: I know this is a PG show, but that shit was funny.

Song lyrics[edit]

Drunk Enough to Dance (2002)[edit]

  • She likes the Godsmack and I like Agent Orange.

    She'll never know that I'm the best that she'll never have

    Does a mullet make a man?

Sorry for Partyin' (2009)[edit]

  • Talk is cheap but I can't afford it"
    • I Gotchoo

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