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Bowling for Soup is an American pop-punk band.

Quotes from songs[edit]

"Five O'clock World"[edit]

  • "But it's a five o'clock world when the whistle blows

No one owns a piece of my time"

  • "Tradin' my time for the pay I get

Livin' on money that I ain't made yet"

"Girl All the Bad Guys Want"[edit]

  • "She likes the Godsmack and I like Agent Orange."
  • "She'll never know that I'm the best that she'll never have"
  • "Does a mullet make a man?"

"I Gotchoo"[edit]

  • "Talk is cheap but I can't afford it"


Jaret Reddick[edit]

  • If I was a cat, and someone threw me off the roof to see if I would land on my feet, I would flip twice and land on my back. Just to piss them off.

"That's our new song, its called "Army of Freshmen blew my dad." - The Granada Theater, Lawrence KS on Get Happy Tour 2007

Quotes from 2005 UK Tour London Astoria[edit]

  • Jaret-"This is the dirtiest bra I've ever seen and there's a long black pubic hair in it."
  • Jaret-"Who brought a giant inflatable cock? It looks like a happy train."
  • Jaret-"You go on bar crawls to get pissed, we go on them because we know that we wont get laid in bar A so we go to bar B."

Get Happy Tour 2007 Hammersmith Palaise[edit]

  • upon seeing a sign in the audience

"Dude, that's got to be the coolest sign I've ever seen at a Bowling for Soup concert; 'Jaret has a big wiener' damn, that's funny and true!"

  • "Shout if you love Bowling for Soup!"

<whole audience shouts>

"Yeah! Shout if you hate Bowling For Soup!"

<a small group of people shouts out>

"You know what? You're shit, but thanks for the money"

  • "Cool, a topless woman floating towards me"
  • "Wow, would you look at that, naked Steve"

Get Happy Tour 2007 Brighton Centre[edit]

  • Jaret: "Hey, that guys got a g-string caught in his dreadlocks"
Eric: "Over time it will form into a dreadlock"
  • (Crowd Chants) : B F S, B F S, B F S
(Jaret chants back) P E Nis, P E Nis
  • Jaret: "Everybody look at this, there's a condom floating around and a bunch of guys trying to get it, because they think the penis is still in there... oh wait-oh somebody just-OH he almost got the penis! Keep the penis afloat!!"

From the Army Concert Tour at McCain auditorium[edit]

  • Jaret: "Let's give it up for Everclear, for being so awesome."
  • Jaret: "This next song is dedicated to the armed forces. It's called Hooray for Beer."
  • Jaret: "Can we turn off Eric's mike in between songs?"
  • Jaret: "How many handsome guys in the crowd?" [Only a few shouts reply.] "Wow, we need to start up a support group for low self esteem. 'Hi, I'm Jaret. I have low self esteem.'"
  • Chris: "I know this is a PG show, but that shit was funny."

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