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Spencer Tracy as Father Flanagan.

Boys Town is a 1938 film about a priest's work with a group of disadvantaged and delinquent boys in a home that he founded.

Directed by Norman Taurog. Written by John Meehan and Dore Schary.
Greater than the imagination of the best writers! taglines

Father Flanagan[edit]

  • I know that a mother can take a whip to the toughest boy in the world, and he forgets it because he knows that she loves him.
  • There is no such thing as a bad boy.


Freddie Fuller: There's our baseball field... last year one of our players was drafted by the St. Louis Browns.
Whitey Marsh: Well, I like the Yankees.
Freddie Fuller: You would!

Tony Ponessa: If you're a Catholic or a Protestant, you can go right on being one.
Whitey Marsh: Well, I'm nothin'.
Tony Ponessa: Then, you can go right on being nothin', and nobody cares.

Dan Farrow: [panicky, about to die in the electric chair] How much time have I got, Father?
Father Flanagan: Eternity begins in forty-five minutes, Dan.
Dan Farrow: What happens then?
Father Flanagan: Oh, a bad minute or two.
Dan Farrow: And after that?
Father Flanagan: Well, Dan, that's a question that scientists and philosophers have been asking for a million years.


  • Greater than the imagination of the best writers!
  • The life story of a boy who was "born to be hung"!
  • The greatest heart drama of the year.


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