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Brütal Legend (2009) is an action-adventure game created by Double Fine Productions and published by Electronic Arts for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, starring Jack Black as main character Eddie Riggs.

Eddie Riggs[edit]

  • A good roadie knows his whole job is to make someone else look good, keep someone else safe, help someone else do what they were put here to do. A good roadie stays out of the spotlight. If he's doing his job right, you don't even know he's there. Once in a while he might step on stage just to fix a problem, to set something right. But then before you even realize he was there or what he did, he's gone.
  • I'm supposed to think you're a nun but I know you're really some kind of big ugly demon, so lets have it. [Battle Nun turns to face him] Aha! See? I knew it - big ugly demon! ... Kinda sexy though, in a weird way.
  • Okay, I would ask nicely for some of your giant bass strings, but you don't strike me as the negotiating type, so out of personal respect, I'll just get right to the ass-kickin'.
  • [rally cry.] Ass-kickers, unite!
  • [rally cry.] Everything in that general direction must DIE!
  • [follow command.] Okay, I'm the wiener, you're the bun. Come on over and let's have fun.
  • [in flight.] Silence, ground-walker!
  • It smells like a whale… ate some cabbage… and died in your mouth… like a year ago.
  • Move, toward the light!
  • Gather 'round, me warriors!
  • METAL!
  • Let's form a heavy metal hurricane.
  • I summon forth the angry forces of nature!
  • Call of the Wiiiiiild, was my favorite book!
  • Defend this pile of crap with your very lives!
  • I told you not to climb that, you stupid, mother- [game asks player if they would like to allow swearing] -fucking piece of shit!
  • So, are you the keeper of the Sacred Beer Tree?
  • I summon the forces of monumental disaster!
  • Man, that pilot doesn't learn!
  • Oh, shit, the Metal Gods are still using hydrogen!


  • Eddie Riggs: Ever feel like you were born in the wrong time - like you should have been born earlier, when the music was... real?
  • Roadie: Like the seventies?
  • Eddie: No. Earlier... like the early seventies.

  • Cult Monk: The day has finally come for us to serve our master
  • Eddie: Uh hey. Heh, hey, I'm not your master.
  • Cult Monk: No, you are not. [readies sword]

  • Lars: What do you do with a bunch of kids who do nothing but bang their heads all day?
  • Eddie: [wells up a little] ...Start a revolution, Lars.

  • Three headbangers hearing Eddie's Rally for the first time.
  • Headbanger 1: What is that sound?
  • Headbanger 2: It's like a demon screaming.
  • Headbanger 3: It's like an angel singing.
  • Headbanger 2: It's the pounding of creation's hammer upon the anvil of time.
  • Headbanger 1: It's fucking awesome!

  • Three headbangers have smashed three statues of General Lionwhyte.
  • Headbanger 1: Lionwhyte sucks!
  • Headbanger 2: Death to Lionwhyte!
  • Headbanger 3: I HATE statues!!

  • Guardian of Metal: "Metal, Noise, Blood, and Fire! Tell me what you most desire."
  • Eddie: Are you really gonna say that every time?
  • Guardian of Metal: Yep.
  • Eddie Riggs and the Guardian discuss his traditional greeting.

  • Eddie: Wait, What do I have to do to get a fire tribute?
  • Guardian of Metal: Please the fucking Gods of Metal, man! Figure it out!
  • Eddie: Right, Okay, I'll be back soon, covered in Metal God love.
  • Guardian of Metal: Oh God!

  • Eddie: Wanna make out before we hit the water?
  • Ophelia: In your dreeeeeeeeeeams!

  • Eddie: By the way, my name's Eddie!
  • Ophelia: I wish I never met you!

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