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Break a Leg is an independently-created internet sitcom. The show is filmed in the handheld, one-camera style, similar to shows like Arrested Development and The Office.

The show was written and created by brothers Vlad and Yuri Baranovsky. It is primarily online, but has been seen on the San Francisco Public Access channel, called Access SF. The show is shot in San Francisco and the outlying areas.

The Pilot (Part 1)[edit]

Narrator (David): And he just hired me to do my own show, directed by this man, Jennifer.
David: Jennifer?
Jennifer: Jennifer John-Bradley.
David: *pauses* Jennifer?
Jennifer: It's Scandinavian.
Sebastian: Yeah, we know. We read it. It's no Swamblers.
[Swamblers music playing]
Sebastian: But it'll do, for now.
Jennifer: Until you die.
[David and Sebastian look at Jennifer]
Jennifer: ...If, until if, you die, if, you're not gonna die.
[Jennifer panics and his knife flies across the table, nearly stabbing David]

10. Road Trip[edit]

Larry: You guys wanna help me with the [bleep] body?
[Onlookers stare]
Larry: Laundry! ...Laundry.
Larry: Luggage packed.
David: I wish you'd stop calling him that.
David: Okay, well, I guess we should go. Do your thing.
Larry: I can't kill him twice, David.
Chase: This is great, you guys. Good music, good friends.
David: Body in the trunk...
Larry: My kinda road trip.
David: Is it weird that this isn't weird any more?

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