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Brent Weeks (born March 7, 1977) is an American fantasy writer.


The Way of Shadows (2008)[edit]

All page numbers are from the mass market first American edition published by Orbit ISBN 978-0-316-03367-1, 26th printing
  • Cruelty walked the Warrens holding hands with poverty and rage.
    • Chapter 5 (p. 30)
  • “What do you want? Why am I here?” Rat asked.
    “Ah, petulance and philosophy all bound up in one.”
    • Chapter 8 (p. 52)
  • It wouldn’t be the first time his sharp tongue had cut his own throat.
    • Chapter 9 (p. 64)
  • You aren’t making art, you’re making corpses. Dead is dead.
    • Chapter 12 (p. 92)
  • A solicitor is a man who does worse things within the law than most crooks do outside it.
    • Chapter 13 (p. 99)
  • You’re either being terrifically subtle or making no sense at all.
    • Chapter 13 (p. 100)
  • Hope is the lies we tell ourselves about the future.
    • Chapter 16 (p. 128)
  • It may be beyond your comprehension, but I can hold power without using it.
    • Chapter 16 (p. 130)
  • See, you get caught up in the past and you become useless to the present.
    • Chapter 18 (p. 144)
  • Agon wondered what god Cenaria had offended to deserve such a king.
    • Chapter 20 (p. 158)
  • So he wasn’t dead. That was probably supposed to be a good thing.
    • Chapter 22 (p. 171)
  • “That pain you feel,” Master Blint said almost gently, “is the pain of abandoning a delusion. The delusion is meaning, Kylar. There is no higher purpose. There are no gods. No arbiters of right and wrong. I don’t ask you to like reality. I only ask you to be strong enough to face it. There is nothing beyond this.
    • Chapter 24 (p. 201)
  • I’m trying to do what’s right, whether or not that measures up with what men call honorable. There’s a gap between those, you know?
    • Chapter 32 (p. 277)
  • Kylar woke two hours before dawn and briefly wondered if death would be too high a price to pay for a full night’s sleep.
    • Chapter 33 (p. 282)
  • They’re schemers, so they see schemes.
    • Chapter 38 (p. 325)
  • Like many who have no reason for pride, that very lack of reason for it made me the prouder. But certain realities have a way of making themselves felt, and debt is one of them.
    • Chapter 45 (pp. 400-401)
  • “Here I thought they were invincible.”
    “They’re immortal. It’s not the same thing.”
    • Chapter 49 (p. 451)
  • “I used to believe a lot of things. That doesn’t make them true,” Durzo said.
    • Chapter 56 (p. 524)
  • Its limbs were loose, graceless, lying in an uncomfortable position. Unmoving. Just like any corpse. In life, every man was unique. In death every man was meat.
    • Chapter 60 (pp. 570-571)

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