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Brett Michael Dennen (born October 28, 1979)[1][2][3][4] is an American folk/pop singer and songwriter from Central California.


  • I connected with the 'older' generation's music and I find that hard to be seen as extraordinary, because the music is so good!" he explains. I think what all those artists have in common is that their music Is timeless. A Neil Young song or a Bob Dyian song, whether or not they are singing it, can transiate to any generation."
    • Cackett, Alan (August 2007). "Just a singer-songwriter?". Maverick (61): 43-45.


  • I'm really into this kid Brett Dermen, who I heard at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood. He may get lumped in with the Jack Johnson feel-good/barefoot thing, but he's so much different than that. He's timeless — he's probably twenty-five, but he seems like he's twenty-five in 1972. He paints these gorgeous pictures, musically, where you think, "I want to hear his voice, I want to hear that guitar, and I want to hear those melodies." I put him on as a head clearer.
    • John Mayer
    • Mayer, John (September 7, 2006). "BRETT DENNEN". Rolling Stone (1008).


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