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Brian J. Ford (born 1939) is an English independent scientist, prolific author and popular interpreter of scientific issues for the general populace, whose scientific papers and numerous books have been published internationally.


  • Human sexuality is . . . a long way from the depositing of seminal fluid, like squirting jam in a donut.
    • Patterns of Sex, the Mating Urge and our Sexual Future (St. Martin's Press, London & New York, 1980, ISBN 0-312-59811-4, p 14.
    • Quoted in: Germaine Greer, "Better No Sex than Bad Sex," Sunday Times Review, (1984-01-13), p. 33. See also Private Eye, no. 581 (March 1984), pp. 22. The quotation appeared as a chapter heading in Greer's Sex and Destiny (Olympic Marketing, Cambridge and New York, 1984, ISBN 0-06091-250-2, p. 127.

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