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Brian Ernest Matthews is an Australian author and raconteur. He has been Chair of the Literature Board of the Australia Council for the Arts .


Oval Dreams (1991)[edit]

Oval Dreams: Larrikin Essays on Sport and Low Culture, ISBN 0869142437.
  • Some years ago I was at a committee meeting where one of the group suddenly launched upon one of the other members an astounding onslaught of abuse, vilification, and loathing from which only failing breath and imminent seizure caused him to desist. It was in fact my first experience of academic debate. The chairman, visibly shaken by the vehemence of this tirade, offered the right of reply to the person attacked, who then spoke as follows: "Mr Chairman, I did not say what I said with the specific and deliberate intention of reducing my colleague to spluttering apoplexy; that this has in fact happened I can only regard as a bonus."
    From that meeting I took away an important recognition — the lurking Bonus Factor In Otherwise Unpromising Situations.
    • p 132