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Bridge to Terabithia is a 2007 film directed by Gabor Csupo and based on the Katherine Paterson novel. The film tells the story of Jesse Aarons and Leslie Burke, 12-year-old neighbors who create a fantasy world called Terabithia and spend their free time together in an abandoned tree house. It was produced by Walt Disney Studios and Walden Media and released by Walt Disney Pictures on February 16, 2007.

Discover a place that will never leave you, and a friendship that will change you forever.

Jesse Aarons[edit]

  • I have four sisters. And I'd trade them all in for a good dog.
  • What's so great about being serious all the time anyway?
  • [Leslie has died and Jesse's father tries to comfort him] Is it like The Bible says? Is she going to Hell?

Leslie Burke[edit]

  • [seeing Jesse smiling at Ms. Edmonds, bends down] Take a picture. Lasts longer.
  • Just close your eyes and keep your mind wide open.
  • We rule Terabithia, and nothing crushes us!
  • You are who you are, not your parents.
  • [Jesse tries to hand Leslie the fake letter to Janice Avery] You have to write. Boy’s handwriting sucks. No offense.
  • [on the ride back from church, about Christianity] You have to believe it, and you hate it. I don't have to believe it, and I think it's beautiful.
  • I check my air... I dont have as much time as i need to see everything, but that what makes it so special.


  • Mrs. Myers: If any of you try to download this essay, you will be downloaded into detention.
  • Mrs. Myers: Jesse Aarons! I got it from your sisters. I certainly do not need it from you!
  • Leslie Burke, May Belle Aarons, Little Kids: [chanting] Free the pee! Free the pee! Free the pee!
  • Bill Burke: She loved you, you know.
  • Bill Burke: Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing - Teddy Roosevelt said that, not me.
  • Jack Aarons: She brought you something special when she came here, didn't she? That's what you hold on to. That's how you keep her alive.
  • May Belle Aarons: [To Leslie] If you don't believe in the bible, God'll damn you to hell when you die!


[Leslie has ketchup all over her face]
Jesse Aarons: What happened to you?
Leslie Burke: Janice Avery is a very talented person. She can shoot ketchup packets over four rows of seats.
Jesse Aarons: [snickers] Jeez.

Jesse: That's what Leslie Burke says, she told me to keep my mind wide open.
Ms. Edmonds: Leslie Burke is right. With a mind like yours wide open, you could create a whole new world.

Scott Hoager: So I guess you're the fastest kid in school now, huh?
[Jesse,enraged, makes a fist at him]
Scott Hoager: It's a joke, dude!
[he furiously punches him hard into the wall, knocking the pictures and drawings down in the process; everyone gasps and looks at Jesse]
Scott Hoager: Are you nuts?!
Mrs. Myers: [furious] Jess Aarons! Go wait for me out in the hall now!
[Jesse gets up from his desk to leave]
Mrs. Myers: [to her students] Silent reading until I get back. [Jesse angrily opens the door and exits, she follows Jesse]

Leslie: I don't think God goes around damning people to hell.
Jesse: Why not?
Leslie: Because He's too busy running all this!

Leslie: My dad says that TV kills your brain cells.
Scott Hoager: Your dad doesn't know anything. We watch TV, like every day!
Leslie: I rest my case.

[After he helped May Belle up from the log bridge]
Jesse: What were you thinking?
May Belle: I was worried about you.
Jesse: Well, don't be. I just don't want you here. [angrily jumps in front of her]
May Belle: But I wanna come with you.
Jesse: [sternly] This is our place, go home. This is our place!
[May Belle starts to follow Jesse, but he stops and grows furious]
Jesse: [enraged] I said GO HOME!!!
[Jess then pushes May Belle, her feelings start to hurt. He then storms off and May Belle runs off in tears.]

Jesse: It's just that you're a good builder... for a girl.
Leslie: Yeah, well you're pretty good at art... for a boy!

Jesse: [crying] Is it like the bible says? Is she going to hell?
Jack Aarons: [shakes head] I don’t know everything about God. But I do know he’s not gonna sent that little girl to hell.
Jesse: [sobs] Then I'm going to hell because it's all my fault!

Jesse: Hey, guys.
May Belle: See? I told you.
Mary: Oh, my God, Jess. [hugs him] [sobs]
Jack: Where in God's name have you been?
Mary: Where have you been?
Jesse: Mom... I asked you. It wasn't like--
Brenda: They thought you were dead.
Jack: Brenda, hush.
Jesse: Dead? What's going on?
(long pause)
Jack: Your friend Leslie's dead. She drowned in a creek this morning. Apparently, she tried to swing across on a rope, but it broke. They think she hit her head.
Jesse: No. No, it... it's... It's not that kind of rope. It... It... It couldn't break. It wouldn't have.
Jack: But it did. [gets up from the chair and tries to comfort him] I'm sorry, son.
Jesse: [backs away] No, you're lying. She's not even dead! You're lying! [throws the book to the floor and runs out of the house to find Leslie]
Mary: Jess! [sobs]
[Outside, Jesse sees the police at Leslie's place, believing she's really dead]

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