Brig. Gen. Eran Ortal

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Eran Ortal (September 22, 1971) is a military theorist, writer, and strategist in the Operations Branch of the Israel Defense Force. Currently holding the rank of Brigadier General, Ortal is the Commandant of the IDF's Dado Center for Military Innovation in Israel, and is the founding editor of the Dado Center Journal.


  • Businesses that fail to change die, while their men move on. Militaries that fail to change move on, while their men die. {DCJ 16, July 2018}
  • Bureaucracies seem to completely lack a sense of urgency
  • When the enemy isn't fighting you on his territory, you find yourself fighting him on yours. [1]
  • One hundred years of air power led to the development of air platforms, air combatants and air command and control structures that are very difficult to integrate successfully into the ground battlefield at the lower tactical levels. [2]
  • An enemy that engages Israeli forces along our border and learns it unhindered will eventually find a way to circumvent it. Understanding that the line of engagement will eventually be breached has taught the

IDF and Israel to make its lines of engagement more sophisticated every few decades. Yet, it finds itself facing them being overcome again and again. [3]

  • Every obstacle needs to be controlled by the defender through observation and fire. In the case of the challenge of tunneling, control by observation and fire means the IDF being able to disrupt digging activities and preventing the establishment of enabling infrastructure ahead of time. [4]
  • One can equip himself with the best technology of the era, but still miss the revolution entirely. [5]
  • The challenge of RMA 4.0 will be to bring tactical mobility back to the battlefield in order to enable maneuver. [6]
  • The more time goes by, the more the official concept document of the IDF Ground Forces becomes longer and less clear. [7]
  • If we don't reorganize ourselves, we won't ever change. [8]
  • "The height of a strategy is also the beginning of its demise"</ref></ref> (DCJ # 35 Hebrew, OCT 21)
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