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Bright Lights, Big City (1999) is a musical with music, lyrics, and book by Paul Scott Goodman. It is based on the movie by the same name, which is based on the book of the same name.


  • I am not the kind of guy who should be in a place like this at this time of the morning, Sunday morning, 6 am. --"Bright Lights, Big City"
  • I'm a menace to myself, dancing this close to heartbreak. --"Bright Lights, Big City"
  • And all you need is one more popper, one more vodka, one more topsy-turvey, hunky-dory, manic, panic, magic high. --"Back in the City"
  • Battered and bruised as this carton of milk. --"Sunday Morning, 6 AM"
  • I'm just a boy in the city, Clara -- give a boy a break. --"Fact and Fiction"
  • I hate the French. I hate them all. From Toulouse Lau-fucking-Trec to Charles de Gaulle. I can't stand the way they put that little thing above the "e", I hate the French... --"I Hate the French"
  • From out of the blue, it's green for go, I'm in the pink... Kissing a philosopher really colors the way you think. --"What a Perfect Feeling"
  • It's that psycho-killer look, it's the fact that I mistook myself for someone else. --"Camera Wall"
  • If I lie down, I might die. --"Camera Wall"
  • Isn't it amazing? Isn't it incredible? Quite alarming, this feeling of not feeling anything at all. --"Stay in My Life"
  • One day there's a Sunday coming up when my typer might be hyper with the fire of a novel once again. -- "Wordfall"


  • Monsterous events are scheduled for tonight! --"Back in the City" (repeated in "Back in the City, Part 2" and "Monsterous Events")
  • And I stand on my tiptoes and scream at the rooftops, "Hey did you miss me? Come over and kiss me!" --"Back in the City"
  • I'm talking female confection, I'm talking something soft and sweet. I'm talking electricity, feminanity, it's better than drugs. --"Odeon"
  • My breath is baited, I'm wet with anticiptation. --"Monsterous Events are Scheduled"


  • Think of what the world could be if we could just be kind to each other. Kindness, there's not enough kindness in the world. --"Kindness"
  • You're a writer -- write me a letter. --"What a Perfect Feeling"
  • I got your letter yesterday, you write so beautifully Jamie. There is poetry spilling from you -- stay in my life. --"Stay In My Life"
  • And the words will fall again -- catch them, Jamie. --"Stay in My Life"


  • The smell of fresh baked bread turns me on. --"Sunday Morning 6 AM"
  • The cat walk, the bitch talk, the ulcers, the menopause at 25. --"To Model"
  • The flashbulbs, the camera wall, the media, the big cocaine in the upstairs lounge! To model, to model is to get me high... --"To Model"
  • Mama said don't marry you, they'll run off like they always do, like all her husbands did before. Mommy's now on husband number four. Men always leave. --"To Model"
  • I can be a vixen, I can be a vamp, a princess or a junkie, virgin or a tramp. Bend me, shape me, any way you want me -- image me up and the camera will tell you who I am. --"Camera Wall"
  • Inside I'm a mess, I'm higher than a kite, please tell me is it day or night? And, god, I hate this dress. --"Camera Wall"
  • Plastic features, plastic beauty, plastic me. --"Camera Wall"


  • Chorus: Flying too fast, running to free, happy just to be in heartbreak. Jumping too far, crashing the ledge, dancing on the edge of heartbreak. --"Back in the City"
  • Chorus: The more impossible it is to get in, the more we want to explore. --"Back in the City"
  • Coke Girl: The drugs make you feel the music, and the music makes you want more drugs. --"Back in the City"
  • Jamie and Ensemble: Are you willing to be killing all the dreams that you are having? Skipping, dipping, slipping, sliding, when you really should be flying from heartbreak. --"Back in the City"
  • Mary O'Brien McCann: Please, can you find me? Please, don't go. --"Sunday Morning 6 AM" (repeated in "Coma Baby" and "Missing")
  • Ensemble: Save us from the teenage, the terrorist, the lottery winners, sicko creeps, Elizabeth Taylors, life on other planets, Janet, spontaneous human combustion, dammit. --"Coma Baby"
  • Coma Baby and Ensemble: We've all got our problems, baby. --"Coma Baby"
  • Coma Baby and Ensemble: You have got to rise above it, move on up; shimmy, shimmy, gimme, gimme, feel me fatal. Fire and metal, rocks and straw, rim shaw, richashay, do anything you feel. --"Coma Baby"
  • Theresa: Well, son, we'd like to get to Bolivia right away... --"Odeon"
  • Pot Girl: Seems like I've spent about half my life in bathrooms lately. --"Odeon"
  • Ensemble: I wanna have sex tonight. --"Odeon"
  • Ensemble: Can you make me come? --"Odeon"
  • Theresa: Would you be less quiet if you had the chance? --"Odeon"
  • Ensemble: Make me forget my whole life sucks, and a million fucks won't make that right. --"Odeon"
  • Mom: A terrible screamer, a beautiful dreamer, a looker out of windows. --"Happy Birthday Darling"
  • Coma Baby: Coma baby, coma baby, still I lie in Mommy's tummy. Warm in here, I think I want to stay. Mommy's crying, Mommy's dying, Mommy might not even last the day. --"Missing"
  • Mary O'Brien McCann: I met a man with a plan, he took my shivering hand, now I'm gone... --"Missing"
  • Clara: Four lithium carbonate tablets a day and I'm swell -- like hell. --"My Son"
  • Blues Man: And every other person has a job except you, every other person has a life except you, isn't that depressing, baby? --"Wednesday"
  • Blues Man: See, the point that I am making is that all the days are taken except the one right in the middle of this freaky whack-a-diddle of a week. --"Wednesday"
  • Jamie and Blues Man: Drain-o, drain-o for the brain-o, drift away your Wednesdays. --"Wednesday"
  • Chuck Bean: There's Versace with Oscar De La Renta, for Simon de BonBon and Duran Duran Duran -- hey, are you hungry like the wolf? --"Camera Wall"
  • Michael: Psychologically speaking, that was way beyond control. --"Heart and Soul"
  • Michael and Vicky: The heart leans towards mercy and the soul leans towards love. And my heart and soul in my dream of life loves you. --"Heart and Soul"
  • Mom: Are you still holding my hand? Promise you'll never let go. --"Are You Still Holding My Hand"


Tad: Are we ready to roll?
Ensemble: Where are we rolling?
Tad: Into the heart of the night. --"Bright Lights, Big City" (repeated in "Odeon")

Coke Girl: You got any blow?
Jamie: Is Stevie Wonder blind? --"Bright Lights, Big City"

Clara: I need it on my desk tomorrow at nine.
Ensemble: Fact!
Clara: Can you handle it, Jamie?
Jamie: I can handle it, Clara.
Secretary: Fiction! --"Fact and Fiction"

Jamie: I hate the French.
Secretary: He hates the French.
Jamie: I hate the French.
Secretary: I hate the French!
Both: We hate the French! --"I Hate The French"

Amanda: My career is really taking off here.
Jamie: Since when is modeling a fucking career? --"Brother"

Girl #1: See him?
Girl #2: Yeah?
Girl #1: Did him.
Girl #2: Nice. See her?
Girl #1: Yeah?
Girl #2: Did her.
Girl #1: Ew! Did him.
Girl #2: Did her.
Girl #1: Did him.
Girl #2: Did her. --"Odeon"

Pot Girl: Got any smoke?
Jamie: Can Bob Hope tell a joke?
Pot Girl: Bob who?
Jamie: I'll get something for you.
Pot Girl: Hurry up, my mother's gonna kill me.
Jamie: Your mother?
Pot Girl: Come on! -- "Odeon"

Jamie: I'm Vicky!
Vicky: No, you're Jamie.
Jamie: Right, you're Vicky.
Vicky: And you're Jamie... --"What a Perfect Feeling"

Jamie: You send me reeling.
Jamie and Vicky: What a perfect feeling... --"What a Perfect Feeling"

Blues Man: Uncut Peruvian flake, the closest you get to God these days.
Jamie: How much?
Blues Man: Fifty and a half.
Jamie: Wanna taste? --"Wednesday"

Michael: Hey, Mr Wonderful, who galloped in from New York for the last act of Mom's life? With your stupid rented sports car and your stupid model wife!
Jamie: Shut up!
Michael: Like it was some New York party you didn't mind being late for!
Jamie: Shut up!
Michael: You never had to exert yourself for anything -- school, girls, awards, fancy jobs, they all just fell in your lap!
Jamie: Shut the fuck up! --"Brother, Part Two"

Mary O'Brien McCann: I am gone
Coma Baby: I am warm
Both: I am gone/warm... --"Mummies at the Met"

Jamie: Look at the words falling from the sky...
Statue of Liberty: Heartbreak.
Coke Girl: Sad.
Tad: Drugs.
Clara: Fact.
Secretary: Fiction.
Blues Man: Cocaine.
Tad: Monsterous.
Amanda: Model.
Michael: Mother, brother.
Coma Baby: Missing.
Mary O'Brien McCann: Find me.
Statue of Liberty: Sunday.
Vicky: Philosophy.
Clara: Fact.
Secretary: Fiction.
Mom: Happy birthday darling.
All: [repeated] Bright lights, big city!
Jamie: Bright lights, big city.... Bright lights, big city.

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