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Brightburn is a 2019 American superhero horror film about a young alien boy raised on Earth who realizes he has superpowers, soon using them to terrorize his town. The movie stars Elizabeth Banks, David Denman, and Jackson A. Dunn as Brightburn.

Directed by David Yarovesky. Written by Brian Gunn and Mark Gunn.
Evil Has Found Its Superhero.taglines
"Shikaro larem olen. Shikaro larem olen. Shikaro... 'Shikaro' means take. Take... the... Take the world."
"Mom, who am I?"
"You are a gift. I know it's been difficult for you lately, that you feel different from other kids. You are different. After your dad and I got married, we prayed for a baby for so long. One night, someone listened."

Brandon Breyer[edit]

  • Shikaro larem olen. Shikaro larem olen. Shikaro... 'Shikaro' means take. Take... the... Take the world.
  • You lied to me!
  • I don't know what happened to him. But I would never hurt uncle Noah. I love him.

Tori Breyer[edit]

  • [to Brandon] Whatever you've done, I know there is good inside you!


Brandon: Mom, who am I?
Tori: You are a gift. I know it's been difficult for you lately, that you feel different from other kids. You are different. After your dad and I got married, we prayed for a baby for so long. One night, someone listened.

[Kyle refuses to let Brandon have the rifle Noah gives him for his birthday]
Brandon: Give it to me!
Kyle: I'm sorry, what did you just say to me?
Brandon: I said... [pounds his fist on the table] give it to me!
[Erica and two other diner patrons notice Brandon making a scene]
Tori: [whispering] Brandon!
Kyle: Okay, we are done here. We are not having that scream. Thank you so much. Brandon, let's go. Brandon, come on, let's go. [Kyle grabs onto Brandon and refuses to get up] Brandon? Up now!
Tori: [whispering] Brandon, listen to your father.
Kyle: [as Brandon makes a mean face to his mother] We are leaving. Let's go!
Tori: [Tori and Brandon get up] Alright, you guys.
Merilee: I love you!
Tori: So fun!
Kyle: Let's go!
Tori: Thank you so much.
Merilee: See you later. [whispering] Okay, sorry.
Tori: No, you don't worry about it.
Merilee: [whispering] We're so sorry.
Tori: No. No. Bye.
[Erica and two other diner patrons continue to stare at the family leaving as Erica makes a smirk]
Merilee: I love you guys! Baby, I told you.
Noah: You sure you want kids?

[Brandon is sitting in the waiting room while the adults talk in the principal's office]
Tori: Erica, he said he's sorry. It was an accident. They're just kids.
Erica: Did you see my daughter's hand? He's a goddamn animal is what he is.
Kyle: Okay, can we just calm down here Erica, please?
Erica: I want him in handcuffs and I want him gone.
Principal: We are taking action. He's going to be suspended for two days.
Erica: Suspended? Do your job. Arrest him!
Sheriff Deever: I'm sorry, ma'am. That's not your call.
Tori Breyer: After the suspension, he will be in regular sessions with our school guidance counselor, Miss Merilee.
Principal: Right, now she's the only counselor...
Erica: You know what, her son was inside my daughter's bedroom last Saturday.
Kyle: He wasn't.
Erica: He's a pervert.
Kyle Breyer: He was camping with us.
Erica: He's sick!
Kyle: He was 30 miles from your house, okay Erica.
[we hear Erica mumbling as Tori and Brandon look at each other]
Erica: Do you even know who his real mother is?
Tori: I'm his real mother!
Erica: I meant whatever inbred psycho gave birth to him.
Kyle: Hey!
Tori: I know exactly what you meant. You're trash-talking a 12-year-old child lest you sleep better at night, Erica. Maybe you're the one who needs help.
[Tori and Kyle leave the office to collect Brandon]
Tori Breyer: [to Erica] Sorry about your daughter.
Tori Breyer: [to Brandon] Get up. Let's go.
[the family leaves with Brandon and Erica menacingly glaring at each other]

[Brandon spies on Noah and runs into the closest when Noah notices him]
Noah: Oh shit! [walks into the closet, turns the light on, and takes off Brandon's mask] Brandon? What the fuck are you doing?
Brandon: Aunt Merilee was helping me with my homework.
Noah: No, I mean what the fuck are doing in my closet wearing this creepy mask?
Brandon: It's not creepy.
Noah: You scared the shit out of me, you little weirdo. [grabs onto Brandon's arm] I'm taking you home.
[Noah drags Brandon out of the house]
Noah: This is fucking insane!
Brandon: I didn't do anything! Are you gonna tell my parents?
Noah: You're lucky if that's all I do. [opens the passenger door on his truck] Get in the truck.
Brandon: You shouldn't tell my parents.
[Noah walks to his driver's seat and notices that Brandon is not in the truck]
Noah: Brandon, get in the truck!
[Brandon puts on his mask, his eyes glow red when he's turned around, telepathically pushes Noah to the garage door, and disappears]
Noah: Oh shit! [painfully rushes to his truck and drives away in fear] WHAT THE FUCK?

Tori: Morning, baby. [Brandon nods] Um, listen there's something that we need to discuss with you and it's probably going to be hard to hear. Last night, your uncle Noah... [hesitates to Kyle]
Kyle: He died last night.
Brandon: [unmoved] Okay.
Tori: Brandon, do you understand? Your uncle Noah passed away. He's gone.
Brandon: I feel like you want to me to cry or something.
Tori: Do you want to cry?
Kyle: Brandon, we know you were at aunt Merilee's last night.
Tori: [tries to calm Kyle down] Honey, I'm your mom. I will always defend you. But if you know something about what happened to Noah, you need to tell us.
[Kyle loses his patience with Brandon]
Brandon: [continues to eat cereal] I don't know what happened to him. But I would never hurt uncle Noah. I love him.
Kyle: That is bullshit. He is fucking lying.
Tori: Kyle.
Kyle: Look, we know you were there. What else are you lying to us about?
Tori: Can you calm down?
Kyle: Were you in Caitlyn's bedroom?
Tori: He was camping with us.
Kyle: Where were you Wednesday night when Caitlyn's mom went missing?
Tori: This is not helping!
Brandon: I'm gonna go upstairs.
Kyle: You're wh... You're... no you're not. [grabs onto Brandon's arm] You're not going anywhere until we get all this on the table right now.
Tori: Kyle, I will handle this!
Kyle: No, no, no! Did you hurt Noah?! What did you do to him?! [grabs onto Brandon] HE WAS MY FRIEND AND YOU JUST FUCKING...!
Brandon: [telepathically pushes Kyle to a cupboard full of glass] LEAVE ME ALONE!

Merilee: Brandon, do you feel bad about what you did to Caitlyn?
Brandon: [hesitating] You know, sometimes, when bad things happen to people, it's for a good reason.
[Merilee is shocked and Brandon is emotionless]
Merilee: Brandon, part of my job is to update the school and update your mom on your progress and let them know if you are showing any growth or remorse. And I, I can't take it easy on you because... you're my family. [Brandon remains unmoved] Brandon, I'm giving you an opportunity to talk to me. I'm supposed to update the sheriff tomorrow and I have to be honest with him.
[Brandon breathes heavily in anger]

Merilee: Brandon? Jesus, what're you doing here?
Brandon: I know, it's late. And this is kinda outta the ordinary. But I promise, I won't take long.
Merilee: Okay.
Brandon: Back at the office, you said something about talking to the Sheriff?
Merilee: Mm-hmm.
Brandon: Yeah... the thing is, that can't happen. It's not good for anyone. Not for me, not for my parents, and it's really, really not good for you.
Merilee: Brandon, listen to me. I have to do my job. And to be honest, you showing up here like this is really inappropriate. I'm gonna need you to go home now.
Brandon: Okay. I'll walk back.
Merilee: Okay, sweetie. Be safe.
Brandon: [Smiles] You, too.

Kyle: Maybe there is something wrong with Brandon. He may look like us. He's not like us!
Tori: I will never turn against our son.
Kyle: He's not our son!

[FBI and firefighters are scavenging around the plane wreckage caused by Brandon]
Reporter: Breaking news at this hour. A passenger jet has crashed in the small town of Brightburn, Kansas. Details are still coming in, but there are believed to be no survivors of the 268 passengers on board. Investigators are not yet sure what caused the plane to drop suddenly from the sky and crash into this small family farm.
[Brandon, looking innocent, is sitting in the back of an ambulance eating a chocolate chip cookie]
Reporter: Among the reported dead are the residents of the farmhouse, Kyle and Tori Breyer. They are survived by their 12-year-old son, Brandon.
[the dark music gets louder and the scene cuts to black to the film's title as the end credits, post-credit scenes, and the song "Bad Guy" by Billie Eilish begin to play]

[first of the two post-credit scenes featuring The Big T]
The Big T: The mainstream media as usual tries to sell you all a load of BULLSHIT!
[second of the two post-credit scenes featuring The Big T]
The Big T: Just like that half-man/half-sea creature capsizing fishing vessels in the South China Sea. Like what we were just talking about last week. Some kind of witch-woman who chokes people out with ropes and corks. They are all out there, they are all waiting, and they're all GONNA EAT A FUCKING BREAKFAST UNLESS WE GET OUR SHIT TOGETHER AND DO SOMETHING!


  • Evil Has Found Its Superhero.
  • Imagine What He Could Become.
  • He's Not Here To Save The World.


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