British concession of Tianjin

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Flag of the British Empire
Emblem of Tientsin British Municipal Council 天津英租界工部局徽

The British concession of Tianjin was one of seven total British concessions in China. It was one of nine foreign concessions in Tianjin, and was the earliest established and most successful out of all of the concessions. The concession bordered the French and Germans to the northwest and southeast, respectively, and faced the Russian concession across the Hai river. The settlement prospered economically, and many legacies of the British influence over Tianjin can be seen today.


  • Japanese actions during the Tianjin incident is part of its 'new order' policy meant to completely squeeze out British influence in China.
    • Watt, D.C. How War Came, New York: Pantheon Books, 1989 page 353

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