Broken Saints

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Broken Saints is an award winning animated comic series.

  • I don't understand. Not that I expect life to make sense - that's asking too much.
  • The scent of urine is doing wonders for my mood. I guess alleys aren't posh enough to piss in, christ!
  • Work work, work, work, die. You'd think I was a protestant.
  • Now I don't know much of anything, except that I'm being watched 24/7. Like the TV show. Without the chickens...or the stripper. Not that I care. We're all voyeurs. Let them watch.
  • Maybe you fell charm to my one-two of dazzling charm and boyish good looks. Makes all the closet pedophiles go wibbly.
  • You give your life to God...all of it. If I die today, I die in bliss. For I believe.
  • My brain floats like a dumpling, swollen in a soup of adrenaline. And my faith abandons me.
  • Life is illusion. The only real thing is compassion - the bonds we share with others. Without them, we suffer alone.
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