Bruce Lee in G.O.D: Shibōteki Yūgi

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Bruce Lee in G.O.D: Shibōteki Yūgi is a 2000 documentary Japanese, produced by Shibōteki Yūgi of ArtPort and directed by Toshi Ohgushi and Toshikazu Ôgushi

Bruce Lee[edit]

(David Lee as Bruce Lee)

  • I thought you are not coming did you see it from the projector room you know nothing is perfect from the beginning but I believe Hong Kong movies should get the recognition from the world but to do that I have to try different things the talent and the equipment right now may not be good as Hollywood but I'm sure we'll find something to win them over I am an actor and a martial artist this movie will represent the best of me do you understand?
  • The hero of this movie The Game of Death learns everything in martial arts he also invented his own style he has purpose to the 5 level pagoda there is a martial arts master at each level 5 level older the goal of the hero is to reach the highest level and the martial arts of Chester at each level is higher than the other a life-death gate at each level and finally he beats the martial art master at the highest level and reaches the boundary of being invincible where the gods the pakoda it's the best martial art master such as karate, Taekwondo, praying mantis, HapKido wing turn and many others


Tiffany Lee

  • You just like a game that kids are playing with there's no voice and no music looks really really funny the filling of the way of the Dragon at Rome has finished not less than two months the after recording was finished just two weeks ago they started filming the next movie already not only that they started filming the climax of the movie totally out of the blue and all of course that was a tremendous fighting scene but he also can't take it easily what does Superman anyway he's got awesome physical strength and he is a man of men but the thing you need to rest there should be the limit even work so long you think something is chasing do you think so

The Game of Death[edit]

Hai Tien

  • Do you understand? This sword becomes a whip!
  • [indicating to his bamboo whip]
    You know baby,this bamboo is longer,more flexible,and very much alive.And when your flashy routine cannot keep up with the speed and elusiveness of this thing here,all I can say is that you will be in deep trouble.


  • Linda Lee: Bruce! Congratulations
    Bruce Lee: Go Brandon... Linda you know the biggest drawback on relaxing stuff like that I have to constantly remind myself I have to relax I have to relax
    Linda Lee: I don't want to argue with you but it's still better than doing nothing I mean a tedious life is worse than that
    Bruce Lee: it's what I always say
    Linda Lee: That's what I always
    Bruce Lee: Linda let's go to Hollywood together
    Linda Lee: What
    Bruce Lee: Let's go to San Francisco on the way back it's quiet is peaceful you've always wanted to go to San Francisco what do you say
    Linda Lee: Wait you always say that when you're busy but then it turns out you're so busy you can't go it'll probably be the same this time and the next time... thank you Bruce ask me again and I'll be waiting for it

The Game of Death[edit]

  • Hai Tien:Do you speak any English?
    3rd Floor Guardian:Of course I speak English!
    Hai Tien:I hope you don't mind if we move our man, so that the two of us will have more room to groove.
    3rd Floor Guardian: [indicates that It's okay] But keep your man as far away from the stairs as possible.

Quotes about Bruce Lee in G.O.D: Shibōteki Yūgi[edit]

  • The picture quality is phenomenal [...] is presented in PAL [...] Dan Inosanto, however, does a fine job dubbing his own voice [...] of Kareem's normal eyes; then we get a quick close-up and his eyes become like those of a lizard's.[...] And the longer scenes [...] make the fights seem like they're occurring in real time.


The Game of Death[edit]

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