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Bruce Parry (born 17 March 1969) is a former British Royal Marine instructor who presents the BBC documentary Tribe (known as Going Tribal in the United States), in which he visits various tribes around the world and lives by their customs for one month.

Parry has visited the Dassanech tribe in Ethiopia in an episode of Tribe


  • They loved that I put a bone through my nose. They loved that I had my penis pushed back inside me.
    • As quoted in "Do you really want to be in our tribe?" in The Telegraph (1 March 2005)
  • I grew up very Christian ... My family are still very Christian. I am in no way disrespecting them when I say this: it was overbearing. I believed I was touched by Jesus, and I prayed all the time. I was still very Christian when I left the Marines. I would tell everyone about Jesus — it was almost evangelical. I thought all the good things in my life were because of my faith.
    When I came back from expeditions, I had some experiences that made me readdress all that. I'd pretty much known all along that Christianity wasn't for me. Ever since then, I've been on my own quest to find another truth. I can't read novels, but I do read books about cosmology, about astrophysics, about genetics. I'm interested in altered states of mind, and creation myths. It's all part of the same thing — I want to know why we think what we think. Now, I'd describe myself as pan-deist, reluctantly verging on atheist.
  • Whenever you face something new, you revert to your own tribal ways. People ask me how I can live among cannibals, or tribes that practise female circumcision, and not tell them what's right or wrong. I know that's not the way to understanding. I try not to judge.
    • As quoted in "Bruce Parry: 'My job doesn't allow me a private life" by Cassandra Jardine in The Telegraph (19 September 1007)
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