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Eduardo José Bruno de Souza (7 October 18365 December 1905) was an Indian Konkani language writer and novelist from Goa.


  • As on a lake limpid like a mirror blooms a beautiful lotus and spreads it's fragrance around, so does this Lotus of the East rise in the midst of our people. This news is undoubtedly of great joy to us. Who can tell of what use it will be, where the fragrance of the Lotus will reach, if we do what is in our power to do! Man cannot live without companionship and no companionship can flourish without language.
    • Editorial in Udetenchem Sallok, a Konkani weekly in 1889. Translated from its original text in Konkani and quoted by Manohar Rai Sardessai in History of Konkani Literature: From 1500 to 1992, p. 102.

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