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Florence Onyebuchi "Buchi" Emecheta OBE (July 21, 1944 – 25 January 25, 2017) was a Nigerian-born novelist.


  • In all my novels… I deal with the many problems and prejudices which exist for Black people in Britain today.
  • I believe it is important to speak to your readers in person... to enable people to have a whole picture of me; I have to both write and speak. I view my role as a writer and also as an oral communicator.
  • But who made the law that we should not hope in our daughters? We, women, subscribe to that law more than anyone. Until we change all this, it is still a man's world, which women will always help to build.”
    • On the female gender (as quoted in [1]).
  • Few things are as bad as a guilty conscience.
    • Speaking on morality [2]
  • Being a woman writer, I would be deceiving myself if I said I write completely through the eye of a man. There’s nothing bad in it, but that does not make me a feminist writer. I hate that name. The tag is from the Western world – like we are called the Third World.
    • Speaking on her writing not as a feminist [as quoted in "Zikoko").
  • The first book I wrote was The Bride Price which was a romantic book, but my husband burnt the book when he saw it. I was the typical African woman, I’d done this privately, I wanted him to look at it, approve it and he said he wouldn’t read it.
    • On her tough marriage [3].
  • I am a woman and a woman of Africa. I am a daughter of Nigeria and if she is in shame, I shall stay and mourn with her in shame.
    • Buchi Emecheta speaking on being a Nigerian woman [4].
  • God, when will you create a woman who will be fulfilled in herself, a full human being, not anybody’s appendage? she prayed desperately.
    • Buchi Emecheta, The Joys of Motherhood. [5].
  • The leaves were still on the trees but were becoming dry, perched like birds ready to fly off.
    • Buchi Emecheta, Second Class Citizen -[6].
  • In Ibuza sons help their father more than they help their mother. A mother's joy is only in the name. She worries over them, looks after them when they are small; but in the actual help on the farm, the upholding of the family name, all belong to the father.
    • The Joys of Motherhood - [7].

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