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George Gard "Buddy" DeSylva (27 January 189511 July 1950) was an American songwriter, film producer and record executive. He wrote or co-wrote many popular songs and along with Johnny Mercer and Glenn Wallichs he founded Capitol Records.


  • If April showers
    Should come your way,
    They bring the flowers
    That bloom in May.
    • Song: April Showers
  • The moon belongs to everyone;
    The best things in life are free.
    The stars belong to everyone;
    They gleam there for you and me.
    • Song: The Best Things in Life are Free
  • If you knew Susie like I know Susie,
    Oh, oh, oh what a girl!
    There's none so classy as this fair lassie,
    Oh, oh, Holy Moses, what a chassis!
    • Song: If You Knew Susie
  • You're sent from heaven
    And I know your worth.
    You made a heaven for me here on the earth.
    When I'm old and grey, dear,
    Promise you won't stray, dear,
    For I love you so, Sonny Boy.
    • Song: Sonny Boy (de Sylva wrote the words; Lew Brown and Ray Henderson wrote the music; Al Jolson insisted on being credited too)

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