Bugs Bunny and the Three Bears

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Bugs Bunny and the Three Bears is a 1944 Merrie Melodies cartoon short directed by Chuck Jones and written by Tedd Pierce. This short marks the first appearance of Jones' dysfunctional version of The Three Bears, and is a parody of the old fairy tale, Goldilocks and The Three Bears. In the short, the bears tempt Goldilocks with carrot soup, the scent of which brings Bugs on the scene. Bugs romances Mama bear and she becomes infatuated with him.

Bugs Bunny[edit]

  • Ketchup. Ketchup! Where's the ketchup at?


Junior Bear: Dad, I'm hungry!
Papa Bear: [hits Junior] SHUT UP, JUNIOR! Can't you see I'm thinkin?! [they continue to think, until he gets his idea] I got it! Remember the story of the three bears? Well, why can't we do the same thing, but when Goldilocks goes upstairs to sleep...WHAM!
Junior Bear: Yeah, uh, yeah, WHAM! [takes out fork and knife and napkin] Food!
[Papa Bear punches Junior]
Mama Bear: But Henry, we haven't any porridge for Goldilocks, only these old carrots.
Papa Bear: Well, then make CARROT soup!

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