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Butterfly (UK DVD title Butterfly's Tongue) is the English language DVD release title for La lengua de las mariposas (Spanish The Tongue of the Butterflies), a 1999 Spanish film directed by José Luis Cuerda. The film was also titled, in various places, as Butterfly's Tongue and Butterfly Tongues. The story is about coming of age of a small child named Moncho and his relationship with his teacher set during the Spanish civil war.

Don Gregorio

  • Nature, my friends, is the most surprising spectacle man can behold. Did you know ants have herds of livestock that give them milk and sugar? That spiders invented the submarine millions of years ago? Did you know that butterflies have tongues? The tongue of a butterfly is like an elephant's trunk, but very thin and wound up like a watch spring.

The Music Teacher

  • Music has the face of a woman you want to love you! Close your eyes and imagine her! Imagine her hair


Moncho: You know where Australia is?
Andrés: In America.
Moncho: In Oceania. You know what a "tilonorrinco" is? It's a bird from Australia. When it's in love, it gives its girlfriend an orchid, a flower that's beautiful and very expensive.