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Bwana Devil is a 1952 U.S. adventure B movie written, directed, and produced by Arch Oboler and stars Robert Stack, Barbara Britton, and Nigel Bruce. Bwana Devil is based on the true story of the Tsavo maneaters and filmed with the Natural Vision 3D system. The film is notable for sparking the first 3D film craze in the motion picture industry, as well as for being the first feature-length 3D film in color and the first 3D sound feature in English.

Directed by Arch Oboler. Produced by Arch Oboler and Sidney W. Pink. Written by Arch Oboler.
The Miracle of the Age!!! A LION in your lap! A LOVER in your arms!(taglines)

Bob Hayward[edit]

  • Now I'm in a conspiracy against him.
  • I don't need any help, I'll get that scurvy lion myself.
  • Civilization, that's a noble word, but not enough to keep me rotting here.

Dr. Angus McLean[edit]

  • As Gladstone said, "stat-us quo, stat-us quo."
  • I've seen more game in the streets of Glasgow.
  • There's a good guest... brings his own cook and his own bedroom!


  • A lion in your lap! A lover in your arms!
  • The Miracle of the Age!!! A LION in your lap! A LOVER in your arms!
  • The world's FIRST FEATURE LENGTH motion picture in Natural Vision 3 Dimension.


  • Robert Stack as Bob Hayward.
  • Barbara Britton as Alice Hayward.
  • Nigel Bruce as Dr. Angus McLean.
  • Ramsay Hill as Major Parkhurst.
  • Paul McVey as commissioner.
  • Hope Miller as Portuguese girl.
  • John Dodsworth as Sir William Drayton.
  • Pat O'Moore as Ballinger.
  • Pat Aherne as Latham.
  • Edward C. Short.
  • Bhogwan Singh as Indian Headman.
  • Paul Thompson.
  • Bhupesh Guha as the dancer.
  • Bal Seirgakar as Indian hunter.
  • Kalu K. Sonkar as Karparim.
  • Miles Clark Jr as Mukosi.

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