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Not to be confused with Cops (TV series).

C.O.P.S. (Central Organization of Police Specialists) is an animated series released by DiC Entertainment in association with Paramount Television. The whole series that ran on Television from 1988 to 1989 features Bulletproof and his crime-fighting organization and their struggle to rid Empire City of Big Boss and his band of Crooks.

Season 1[edit]

The Case of the Baffling BugMan [1.3][edit]

Gaylord, the bug: Maybe, but then again, maybe not.

The Case of Berserko's Big Surprise [1.4][edit]

Bulletproof: The most chaotic caper of our career.

The Case of the Pardner in Crime [1.7][edit]

Big Boss: It's hard to find good crooks these days.

The Case of The Crook With 1000 Faces [1.17][edit]

Shifty:An Officer of the Law, a cop, a flatfoot.

The Case of The Criminal Mall [1.19][edit]

Bulletproof: That remains to be seen, Mr. Keen.

Dr. BadVibes: [Speaking to Buzzbomb] Why should I give you a tip? Are you kidding? You gave him a lousy shoeshine!

Mainframe: Count me in! I just love computer games.

Bowser: I think Keen's security isn't what it's cracked up to be.
Rock Krusher:This Mall is humongous! How are we supposed to find Dr. BadVibes?
Rock Krusher: I have to admit, that's one way to find him.

Bowser: Time to call in the calvary.

Dr. BadVibes: I'm innocent! I've just got stuck in the mall after closing time.
Bowser: Tell it to the judge.

Mainframe: Sigh.. Piece of cake.

Mr. Keen: I've learned a Valuable Lesson: No Computer, no matter how smart, could ever replace a human being.
Blitz: Arf Arf!
Bowser: But there's nothing wrong with having a computer as a man's best friend.

The Case of The Half-Pint Hero [1.21][edit]

Ms. Demeanor: If you're Captain Crimefighter, then I'm Colonel Crime!

The Case of The Runaway Buzzbomb [1.46][edit]

Dr. BadVibes: If you want wrong-doing done right, you have to wrong-do it yourself. -Dr. BadVibes

The Case of The Iceberg Pirates [1.31][edit]

Mayor Davis: Ms. Horton, take a memo.

Rock Krusher: Cool!

Buttons Mc BoomBoom: This cold is getting into his brains.

Buttons Mc BoomBoom:What? You never heard of Iceberg Lettuce?
Rock Krusher: Oh Really? I didn't know you can grow that stuff on an iceberg.

The Case of The Big Frame-Up [1.23][edit]

Bulletproof: [narrating] It all started when LongArm's father, Mickey O'Malley, decided to come out of retirement, only to be sentenced to a different kind of retirement home -- where everyone wears stripes!
LongArm: I'm sorry, dad. I'm just doing what you taught me. Michael Patrick O'Malley, I hereby place you under arrest.
'Brian O'Malley: If the commissioner doesn't want you grandpa, that's her loss. To me, your still the greatest cop in the world.
  • Berserko: The green button says door. The red one says danger. But if I don't do what Nightshade says... [opens the cover to the danger button] ...I'll be in danger. [presses the danger button. Alarm suddenly goes off] Oops, wrong button.
Berserko:: Do this! Do that! How come why I get all the crummy jobs?

Mickey O' Malley: What are you doing lolly-gagging around here while there's criminals to be caught!?
Bullseye:: I think we've created a monster.
Longarm: What can I do? He's Family!

Brian O' Malley: My grandpa, the greatest cop in the world!

The Case of The Prison Break-in [1.6][edit]

Rock Krusher: [Speaking to Commissioner Highwaters] Please leave a message at the sound of the beep and have a nice day.

Rock Krusher: Maddog? Hey! I remember you! You're a Cop!

The Case of The Bulletproof Waldo[edit]

Bulletproof: [narrating] In a bold move, the Big Boss decided that I, Bulletproof Vess, had to be replaced. Little did I know was that he planned to replace me... with myself!

Mainframe: Welcome back, sir.

The Case of the Stuck-Up Blimp[edit]

Berserko: [after stealing some tuxedoes] We'll be the best-dressed crooks in Empire City!

Whitney Morgan: You're Baldwin P. Vess, leader of C.O.P.S. Codename: Bulletproof!
Bulletproof: You're very well informed, young lady.
Whitney Morgan: I'm a reporter. I have my sources.

Whitney Morgan: I hope you don't think I'm a pest, but how about an exclusive interview?
Berserko: One more crack outta you, lady, and I'll give you an exclusive knuckle sandwich!

  • Hardtop: [Crusher is disguised as a waiter] Maybe you didn't understand. The lady wants to know what you're serving.
Rock Crusher: Me? I ain't servin' nothin'! I'm out on parole, see?

Hardtop: Something's fishy around here, Chief. And it's not the caviar.

The Case of The Big Bad Boxoids[edit]

Turbo Tu-Tone:: Hey! Watch what your doing!
Berserko: Quit lying down on the job! We gotta scram before the CO.P.S. show up.
Turbo Tu-Tone: Too late, Berserko! Here comes a black and white!
Turbo Tu-Tone: Nice job, iron bottom. You've just cleared our escape route.
  • "Big Boss: "Hurry up! (mahh) Hurry up, BadVibes! I've got big plans for these boxoids.

Dr. BadVibes: You can't hurry genious, Big Boss. It'll be another hour.

Big Boss:: (mahh) I want it done in ten seconds!
Bulletproof:: [putting Turbo Tu-Tone in a full nelson hold] Your in the arms of the Law now, citizen. Don't move! Your under arrest!
Sundown': You ever tried talking to it?
Fight Manager: Are you nuts? Old Bucket's just a machine.
Sundown: Well it works on horses.
Berserko: No one beats Berserko because I cheat!

The Case of The Stashed Cash[edit]

Buttons Mc BoomBoom: I hate bugs!

Whitney Morgan: This is Whitney Morgan saying tune-in tomorrow.

Mickey O'Malley: Give that soap!
Rock Krusher: What soap?

LongArm: Let me show you how its done!
  • Mickey O'Malley: You know fellas, my mind...isn't what it used to be.
Buttons McBoomBoom: Uncle Buttons has a present for you.
Barricade: Hey, Uncle buttons. I've got a present...for you!
Mickey O' Malley: Nice police work son!
LongArm:: I had a great teacher.

The Case of The Blur Bandits[edit]

Whitney Morgan: [In her thoughts] Oh man, what a ham. I should've stuck with the dog show story.

  • Big Boss: BadVibes, your a genius.
Dr. BadVibes: How about a bigger piece of the action?
Big Boss:: (nahh) You're not that smart.

Sundown: [trying on a speed suit] Ooh-wee. This thing's plumb too small. I'm sorry, but we humans grow big down in Texas.

Highway: [after handcuffing Ms. Demeanor to a parking meter] Remember to put some change in the meter, Ms. Demeanor.

Highway: They helped me do it. I'm part of the team.

Season 2[edit]

The Case of Mace's Romance [2.3][edit]

Bulletproof: [narrating] The Empire City Charity Ball was going to raise money for the homeless. But the Big Boss wanted the money for his favorite charity: himself!

Nightshade: Why that great, big, fat bucket of lard! He kidnapped my sister!

Mainframe: Mace got a girlfriend. Mace got a girlfriend. Mace got a girlfriend.


The Case of The Crooked Contest[edit]

Nightshade:Oh...Bummer! '

The Case of The Lawless Lady[edit]

Nightshade: Kiss me you dumb cop.

The Case of C.O.P.S. File #1[edit]

Bulletproof: [narrating] The facts have been kept secret, until now. You are about to witness the dramatic origin of the world's greatest crime-fighting team! It all began when an notorious underworld kingpin known as The Big Boss sent his henchmen on a spree of high-tech robberies.
Turbo Tu-Tone:: [after Rock Krusher crashes through the roof of his van] Ever consider using the door, jerk?
LongArm: [in a building being flown over Empire City] Now I've seen everything!
[looks up and sees the Ultimate Crime Machine] Let me change that. *Now* I've seen everything!!
  • Rock Krusher: I got the combination to open every bank vault in Empire City: me and my jackhammer!
  • Berserko: [using a grappling hook to pull off a heist] Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Crook. Stealing's a cinch with this new hook!
Big Boss: (Mahh) I'm the Big Boss, see? And what the Big Boss wants, the Big Boss takes! (Mahh)
  • Bullseye: [spotting the Ultimate Crime Machine on radar] Now that's what I call a serious bogey!
  • Bullseye: Big job for our first one? Think we can handle it?

Mirage: We're C.O.P.S. aren't we? We can handle it!

  • Longarm: Hey! What are you rookies doing here! Vess told you to stay put!
    Hardtop: And miss all the fun?
  • Bullseye: [after crash landing the Ultimate Crime Machine in the C.O.P.S. parking lot] Gee, good thing there was a free parking space!
    Bulletproof: [silence]

Bullseye: No sense of humour.

Longarm: What about you, B.P.? What's your codename going to be?
Bullseye: Yeah. What's B.P. stand for anyway?
Longarm: I don't know what it used to stand for, but from now on, I'd say it stands for Bulletproof!
Bulletproof: Then that's my codename from now on. You all performed splendidly today. I'm proud of you. But as you know, Big Boss and the others got away, and they'll be back! There are many more battles to be fought. But together, one day, I promise you, we're going to put the Big Boss behind bars!

Dr. BadVibes: Even I keep a promise sometimes.
Good work, Buzzbomb! Today you've earned your steel wool cupcakes!- Dr. BadVibes
[Berserko has been arrested] My Cheddar-brained nephew might be a nincompoop, but it makes me look bad if one of my crooks gets caught! - Big Boss

The Case of The Lowest Crime[edit]

Bulletproof: [narrating] Big Boss loved big bucks, and he didn't mind breaking laws to get them. But there's a crime that even Big Boss won't stoop to, and that's selling drugs!

Big Boss: Listen, drugs messed up my nephew, Berserko! I want 'em out of Empire City, even if that means helping the C.O.P.S.!
Bulletproof: Hmm. All right - under the circumstances, we'll take that help. But we work in pairs - one COP, one Crook - to keep an eye on you.
Big Boss: C.O.P.S. and Crooks! Eurgh! Disgusting! But...acceptable!
Bulletproof: All right, let's do it! Pair up and get moving! IT'S CRIME-FIGHTING TIME!
Big Boss:: Ohh...humiliating!

Bulletproof: [narrating] For his crimes, Addictem was sentenced to life imprisonment. Several of the Crystal Twyst addicts remain hospitalised, or in mental institutions. Drugs are dangerous. Please remember: if anyone offers you drugs, you have the choice. Say 'no'.

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