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Cyril Edwin Mitchinson Joad (12 August 1891 – 9 April 1953) was an English philosopher and broadcasting personality. He appeared on The Brains Trust, a BBC Radio wartime discussion programme. He popularised philosophy and became a celebrity, before his downfall in a scandal over an unpaid train fare in 1948.


  • "If it is, then the sooner they give up the pretence of playing with public affairs and return to private life the better. If they cannot make a job of the House of Commons, let them at least make something of their own houses. If they cannot learn to save men from the destruction which incurable male mischievousness bids fair to bring upon them, let women at least learn to feed them, before they destroy themselves."
    • As quoted in Virginia Woolf's novel Three Guineas.
  • The thought of the Upanishads is bold and free, and their general conclusion is that mystical experience is the pathway to reality.
    • Quoted from Gewali, Salil (2013). Great Minds on India. New Delhi: Penguin Random House.

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