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C. P. Mathew (19 March 1896 - 24 September 1970) was an Indian politician from Kerala and a leader of the Indian National Congress.


  • A piece of granite in the shape of a cross [that is] said to have been recovered from the site is going to strike at the very root of communal harmony in the state. If at all it has any significance, it is for the Department of Archeology [to decide]. Some narrow-minded, selfish Christian fanatics (both priests and laymen) are behind this. The Christian community in general is not interested in this episode.
    • about the alleged discovery of a Christian cross near a Hindu temple. Quoted from Malhotra, R., Nīlakantan, A. (Princeton, N.J.). (2011). Breaking India: Western interventions in Dravidian and Dalit faultlines

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