Camille Claudel

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Camille Claudel

Camille Claudel (8 December 186419 October 1943) was a French sculptor and graphic artist.


  • Il y a toujours quelque chose d’absent qui me tourmente.
    • There is always something missing that torments me.
    • Letter (1886) to Auguste Rodin, quoted on a plaque at 19 Quai de Bourbon, Paris, where Claudel lived and worked from 1899 to 1913

Quotes about Camille Claudel[edit]

  • The different scales, the different modes of plasticity, and gender-representation, of the three figures which make up this important group [her sculpture 'The Mature Age', commissioned in 1895, exhibited in plaster in 1899 and cast in bronze in 1902] enable a more universal thematic and metaphoric stylistics related to the ages of existence, childhood, maturity, and the perspective of the transcendent.
    • w:Angela Ryan in Camille Claudel: the Artist as Heroinic Rhetorician, Irish Women's Studies Review Vol 8: Making a Difference: Women and the Creative Arts. (December 2002): 13-28

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