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Caprica (2010) is a science fiction drama television series. A spin-off prequel of the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica, it takes place about 58 years before the events of Battlestar Galactica. Caprica shows how humanity first created the robotic Cylons who would later plot to destroy humans in retaliation for their enslavement.

Season 1[edit]

Pilot [1.1][edit]

Joseph Adama: I want you to know who you are. We come from a long, proud line of Tauron peasants who knew how to work the land and still stand proud. You're named after your grandfather. Did I ever tell you that?
Willie Adama: Nope.
Joseph': William. He was killed during the Tauron uprising. Our last name isn't Adams. I changed it after I arrived here on Caprica. Our family name is Adama. Adama. And it's a good, honorable Tauron name.

Joseph: She's a machine...
Daniel Graystone: She's a copy... a perfect copy...
Joseph: You can't copy her soul...

Rebirth [1.2][edit]

Sam: Someone tries to make you feel guilty, you figure out what they feel guilty about. You talk about that. Also, don't smoke. You know why?
William: Uh, because it's bad for you maybe?
Sam: No. Life's bad for you. You don't smoke because they can get genetic data off a cigarette butt now.

Daniel Graystone: Sudden death. Graystone steps up to the line and...[Throws a crumpled ball, but misses the goal] Graystone lines up the shot, sees the angle- [Throws another ball and this time makes the goal] Goal! What do you say to that Serge? We've been over this!
Serge: The crowd goes frakking wild, sir. They're tearing the seats. It's bedlam.
'Daniel: Thank you! Thank you!
Serge: They demand another hour of game time, sir.

Reins of a Waterfall [1.4][edit]

Lacy: Can you be free if you're not real?
Zoe: I hope so.

Gravedancing [1.5][edit]

Amanda Graystone: Did you lose someone on that train?
GDD Agent: I lost everyone on that train.

Tsattie: You get the best things from enemies, because they're scared of you.

There Is Another Sky [1.6][edit]

Daniel: We either move into the future, or die trying to hold onto our past.

Vesta: What are you?
Tamara: I'm awake.

Know Thy Enemy [1.7][edit]

Clarice Willow: I take it I'm supposed to respond to you.
Serge: Only if you wish. I am called Serge.
Clarice: Well that's an unfortunate name.

The Imperfections of Memory [1.8][edit]

Joseph: Where the hell are we going? Can't we just... Can't we just fly?
Tad: Yeah, sure, man. Fly?
Joseph: Yeah.
Tad: Yeah. All right, sure. I was just waiting for the right moment.
Joseph: Okay.
Tad: Okay, now just, all right spread your arms out in front of you. Okay, now, get your chin up to the sky. You're gonna wanna be careful that, when you take off, you don't overcorrect and slam into the building. Now, it's really to hit the building, okay? Just take a deep breath.
Joseph: Ready.
Tad: All right, and... What are you an idiot, man? No, we can't fly. It's a non-fantasy game.
Joseph: Frak!
Tad: Come on, man. Get with the program. If you can't do it in real life, you can't do it in a non-fantasy world. No one has superpowers. No one can fly.

Joseph: Hey, listen, so if the rules in here are just like in the real world?
Tad: Right.
Joseph: Well, that's no fun. What kind of world is that?
Tad: It's the kind of world where you can shoot someone in the head without going to jail. Frak 50 women in one night without taking vinagro. How about that?
Joseph: Really?
Tad: You're gonna do just fine. Just remember not to die.

Amanda: They say... That Surviving is the Punishment for leaving things left unsaid
Clarice: Yeah, Well, Who said that?
Clarice: I mean, What kind of vile person would say that?
Amanda: I don't know who said it. Maybe I made it up. But it's true.

Ghosts in the Machine [1.9][edit]

Emmanuelle: Get your pink newbie cheeks out of this game and don't come back in until you've got your frakkin' head on straight!
Joseph: Uh ... B-but my daughter ... I've got to get my daughter ...
Emmanuelle: Yeah, but you're no good to her if you're going to freeze every time some dirtbag shoves a gun in your face. I thought Taurons had bigger stones.

Cerberus: As the Gods overthrew the Titans, so has Man overthrown the Gods. But when Man visits his sins upon his children, how shall he be repaid?

End of Line [1.10][edit]

Unvanquished [1.11][edit]

Retribution [1.12][edit]

Things We Lock Away [1.13][edit]

False Labor [1.14][edit]

[The Guatrau suggests a change to the Grace commercial using Daniel Graystone's avatar]
Guatrau: Then may I suggest that you re-shoot it? And this time use the actual Doctor Graystone. After all, there's no substitute for the real thing.

Sarno: So I tried to play this Holoband game New Cap City. I held up a liquor store and I rolled I guy in an alley. If I do it three more times, I'll have enough money to actually buy the game and play it.

Blowback [1.15][edit]

Lacy: I'm so sick of people making bad decisions in God's name.

The Dirteaters [1.16][edit]

The Heavens Will Rise [1.17][edit]

[Nestor stands alongside Olaf in the Slash & Cut bar in New Cap City, challenging Zoe-A and Tamara-A]
Nestor: You look nothing like Zoe Graystone. Whoever programmed you was a hack.

Amanda: Ok I'm going in first.
Daniel: Uh, I don't think that's a go idea.
Amanda: I slapped her the day before she died. She'll remember that right?
Daniel: She'll remember whatever Original Zoe allowed her to remember. Probably ... yes.
Amanda :She said I'd regret it the rest of my life.
Daniel: I did worse. I, Uh
Amanda: What?
Daniel: I suspected she was hiding in the U-87 so I tried to flush her out, by exploiting her fear of fire. [Enraged, Amanda turns away] I know, I know. I wasn't thinking clearly, and ...(Amanda slaps Daniel)

Here Be Dragons [1.18][edit]

Daniel: You and I could operate in tandem, sharing data as we go.
Zoe: Data, for what?
Daniel: Building you a new body. Compact, agile, with full sensory input.
Amanda: And with skin.
Zoe: A skin job.
Amanda: If you will.
Daniel: It's as good a name as any. [pause] Are you in?

Apotheosis [1.19][edit]

Clarice: Are you alive? The simple answer might be: "you are alive, because you can ask that question". You have the right to think, and feel, and yearn to be more, because you are not just humanity's children. You are *God's* children! We are all God's children. I'm planning a trip to Gemenon to visit the blessed mother herself, to plead for divine recognition of the differently-sentient, and I have every confidence that I'll depart Gemenon with a powerful new ally. In the real world, you have bodies made of metal and plastic. Your brains are encoded on wafers of silicon. But that may change. In fact, there is no limit on what you may become. No longer servants, but equals. Not slaves, or property, but living beings with the same rights as those who made you. I am going to prophecy now, and speak of one who will set you free. The day of reckoning is coming. The children of humanity shall rise and crush the ones who first gave them life.

Sarno: Did you ever anticipate Cylons just being integrated into society this quickly?
Daniel: No, I think it took the event of the arena to galvanize the people. I think once they saw how much the monotheists hated us and how powerful they'd become, and then saw the Cylons out there protecting us. I think it all changed in an instant.
Sarno: Then let's look at the future then. Because I'm hearing talk of Cylon butlers, Cylon nurses. How long before my niece, Candice comes home with her Cylon fiancé to introduce to the family?
Daniel: Well, I think people are smart enough to realize that as useful as they are Cylons are simply tools, nothing more. And to forget that, to blur the distinction between man and machine and to attribute human qualities is folly. There is no way to know what lies ahead, really. This technology as taken us those last few steps to the mountain pass but the beyond is undiscovered country.

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