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Car Wash is a 1976 American comedy film released by Universal Pictures. The Art Linson Production was directed by Michael Schultz from a screenplay by Joel Schumacher. Starring Franklin Ajaye, Bill Duke, George Carlin, Irwin Corey, Ivan Dixon, Antonio Fargas, Jack Kehoe, Clarence Muse, Lorriane Gary, The Pointer Sisters and Richard Pryor, Car Wash is an episodic comedy about a "day-in-the-life" of a Los Angeles, California car wash, its employees, and its owner, Mr. B (Sully Boyar). Car Wash is a collective and populist film about the spirit of community.


[Duane has just thrown Irwin's book into a bucket of water]
Lindy: I'm so tired of you running off at your mouth. It's getting me down, honey. Why don't you just leave? And be a assassin? Or is the only thing you're good at shooting off is your big mouth?
Duane: Will you please get out of my face, you sorry-looking faggot?
Lindy: Who are you calling sorry-looking?
[everybody laughs]
Duane: Can't you all see "she" ain't funny?
[laughter stops]
Duane: She's just another poor example of how the system is destroying our men.
Lindy: Honey, I'm more man than you'll ever be and more woman than you'll ever get.

Daddy: The best place for money, is right here in my pocket.

Duane: Why don't you tell everybody how you "got so rich", Daddy Rich? This is one nigger you ain't fooling! I'm onto the game you're running to these people here.
Daddy: What can I do for you, brother?
Duane: The same thing you're doing for everyone else. Nothing!
Daddy: Guess you don't believe in my church. The Chruch of Divine Economic Spiritual Light.
Duane: Yeah, that's right. I don't believe in it.
Daddy: So, you don't believe in God?
Duane: Not "your" God. I'm a Muslim.
Daddy: My God's doing all right by me. Why don't you come on board, brother. And I'll take you nearer to God thy hee, and I'll show you everything it takes to make it with money. Because it's better to have money than not having it. There is a good place in this world for money and I know where it is. It's right here in my pocket!
Duane: You talking just like a pimp!
[everyone jeers and looks at Duane with scom]

Earl: Where were you yesterday, Duane?
[annoyed Duane slams open his locker door which narrowly misses Earl]
Earl: And you're late today, *Duane*!
Duane: Will you get out off my face, Earl? And my name is Abdullah Mohamed Akbar. Alright?
Earl: Mohamed Akbar? Ha Ha Ha Ha.

Duane: [to camera] If you are watching this in the future, know that the time had had its way with us, and that we knew it would. And it will with you. There is no escaping this. In a strange way, it's what makes life so beautiful and strange, that nothing alive stays the same.

Lonnie: Mr. B., about Abdullah... I'm really sorry about Abdullah. I know he's really wired up. I wish you'd think about giving him another chance.
Mr. B.: I gave him a thousand chances. That's it! I don't want that belligerent troublemaker around my car anymore.
Lonnie: Mr. B., the man is just confused. He really is.
Mr. B.: Lonnie, now is not the time.
Lonnie: Mr. B., every week I keep trying to talk to you, and every week you keep telling me "now is not the time". I've been working for you for over a year now. When is it going to be time?
Mr. B.: Look, I don't want to talk to you anymore about Duane! Okay?
Lonnie: Okay, let's don't talk about Duane. Let's talk about me. I got to have more money, Mr. B. And I can't make it on what your paying me right now. I've got two children to raise all by myself.
Mr. B.: Lonnie, I can't. That Blue Bird Car Wash down the street is driving me out of business...
Lonnie: Mr. B., I keep telling you, you've got a big lot here! If you organize this thing right and spend a little money here and there, you could be making twice as much as you are now!
Mr. B.: Lonnie, I know you've got ideas. You've got ideas. Don't I always pay you extra for opening and closing?
[shaking his head with frustration and disgust, Lonnie walks out]

Lindy: I'm more man than you'll ever be, and more woman than you'll ever get!

The Taxi Driver: You probably noticed I ain't got nothing against you people. I ain't got nothing against you people. I ain't got nothing against you people. That's what I think we need, is more love in the world. I don't know about marriage, I don't know if I'd go that far. But ah, I believe in the lunch counter thing. I think if a guy wants to be able to get something to eat, he ought to be able to get something to eat, you know.

[honking and yelling at traffic]

The Taxi Driver: Come on, let's move it up there! What is this, a Mobil gas economy rush? Come on, what's going on? Bunch of bastards! Move it!

[repeated line]

The Taxi Driver: Did you happen to see a big, tall, black, blonde chick here?

Hippo: Boy, there's been some weird people in here today.

Charlie: I just don't understand white folk.

Duane: I don't know, man. I don't know. I know I'm not crazy. But every day I have to come here and watch this clown show, man. Sometimes... just can't take it.
Lonnie: I know.


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