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Cara Black

Cara Black (born 17 February 1979) is a former professional tennis player from Zimbabwe who played until 2015. She is primarily a doubles specialist, winning 60 WTA and 11 ITF titles in that discipline. A former No. 1 ranked women's doubles player in the WTA Rankings, she has won ten Grand Slam titles in women's doubles and mixed doubles combined. By winning the mixed doubles title at the 2010 Australian Open, Black became the third woman in the Open Era to complete a Career Grand Slam in mixed doubles.


  • Tennis is such a fantastic sport for everyone to be involved in and it is my passion.We have young players who are doing well and so they need to focus on the rich techniques and realise how important that is at this stage,said the mother of one.
  • My husband will travel with us and will be looking after the boy all the time. That will be great. I will definitely have a new coach, but my husband will always be there as he helps me on the mental side of the game.I will just test in a few tournaments and work on getting my ranking back. I would like to go with a new perspective and hopefully do even better. I have a home now so I just have to enjoy my game without putting myself under pressure at all.”

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  • While some young tennis players are inspired by what they see on television,or at a tennis club,Cara Black's introduction to the sport came to be in her own background on the fur grass courts her father constructed and at the Black farming farm in Harare Zimbabwe, the Tennis international Federation said."

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