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Career Opportunities is a 1991 American romantic comedy film that was released on March 29, 1991. The film starred Frank Whaley in his first lead role and co-starred Jennifer Connelly in one of her first lead film roles. It was written and produced by John Hughes and directed by Bryan Gordon.


[on his first day as Target janitor (night cleanup boy), Jim Dodge meets the Custodian, who points a rifle at him]

Custodian: Are you a slacker?
Jim: No... Presbyterian actually.
Custodian: What did you say? What did you say? Now I'm asking you a simple question: Are you lazy?

Jim: Any little fraulein who expects anything more from me than a little bit of pleasure, a little bit of danger, and a great set of pectorals, she's looking for a fall right on her ass.

Gil: You know, if my foot could talk...
Nestor: Easy...
Gil: would say, "May I please go up this geek's ass?!"

Don: Mr. McClellan, do you ever have any family problems, you and your daughter?
Roger Roy: What the hell do you think he is?
Don: You got a point.

Josie: And you're happy, you know. You're happy.
Jim: I'm not happy. I'm working nights, everybody thinks I'm a liar, my whole family's laughing at me... Reverand Harwell gave me the finger last week!

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