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Carina Lau in 2018

Carina Lau Kar-ling (Chinese: 劉嘉玲) (born 8 December 1965) is a Hong Kong-Canadian actress and singer.


  • I had high expectations of myself from the start. I think I had a rather smooth journey in showbiz — I always had work opportunities knocking on my door, but rather than being stressed over a lack of work, I put pressure on myself because I wanted to do better. When you want to become better, you put more pressure on yourself as well.
  • I’m still learning how to be a good person. I feel that sometimes, I’m not objective enough. When you think of situations from a different point of view, you’ll discover that it might be the reason why disagreements occur in the first place. Learning to be more accepting of different points of views and mindsets is very important.
  • I have liked fashion since I was small. Only after becoming the creative director of my fashion brand, did I realize that making a piece of apparel is nothing easy. The entire process starts from conceptualization, deciding on the materials, to production and sales and marketing, which are all very interesting to me. Most importantly, I believe fashion coexists with films. I actually have got many of my creative inspirations from films. Good fashion is timeless.
  • I think things have their own ways of operation in different period or times. [Formerly], each entertainer was well polished before they were shown to the public. They were well protected. Now, with the effect of social media platforms, each entertainer is expected to present themselves very honestly. Live interviews are getting popular on social media now. The good side of it is that you can let your audience know what you are really like.

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