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Carl Djerassi in 2004

Carl Djerassi (October 29, 1923 – January 30, 2015) was an Austrian-Bulgarian-American biochemist known for his key role in the development of oral contraceptive pills. He also wrote nonfiction, novels, and plays.


  • In the cover story of its 12 September 1999 issue, the London Sunday Times Magazine featured the Top Thirty persons of the present millennium. ...
  • The list was heavily skewed in favor of science and technology. ...
  • In the final analysis, in science, unlike art, the individual hardly matters.
  • Well, hardly ever. Unless the individual happens to be oneself. The Sunday Times's list ends with one living relic. On the face of it, the appearance of the name Carl Djerassi is patently ridiculous by any criterion but one: as a surrogate for the Pill.

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