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Carl I. Hagen

Carl Ivar Hagen (born 6 May 1944) is a Norwegian economist, politician, former chairman of the Progress Party and former Vice President of the Norwegian Parliament.


  • It is also a fact that people who are isolated and alienated in their neighborhoods as a result of the large number of neighbors who do not speak Norwegian, who do not follow the Norwegian customs, norms and way of life, could have psychosomatic disorders that can lead to both sickness leave and need for medical help.
    • Comment on the basis of the so-called immigrant account by MP Øystein Hedstrøm, election campaign in 1995, reproduced in the book Kong Carl (p. 267).
  • Us Christians are very much concerned with children. Jesus said, let the small children come to me. I can't understand that Muhammad could have said the same. In the case that he could have said the same, it would have been: Let the small children come to me, so that I can exploit them in my struggle to Islamify the world. [...] They have, in the same manner as Hitler, long ago made it clear that the long-term plan is to Islamify the world. They have come a long way, they have pierced deep into Africa, and have come a long way into Europe – and then we have to fight back.
    • Speech at a meeting in the independent Christian organisation Levende Ord in 2004, published in NRK (13 July 2004)
  • commitment to Israel is because I am an active citizen. Although its neighbors have wanted to destroy Israel, they have defended democracy. Israel has only led defensive wars, Arafat has only gone to attack. They are murdering women and children in order to spread fear and terror. When Israel accidentally kills, it is not the intention to harm civilians like Arafat does.
    • Speech at a meeting in the independent Christian organisation Levende Ord in 2004, published in Dagbladet (14 July 2004)
  • Liberalism is fundamentally an ideology of liberation that has throughout history risen in protest against the totalitarian and anti-human movements of various kinds, such as communism and nazism. It is therefore natural that the Progress Party with its liberal base once again stands first in the line and takes up the fight when a new fascist ideology as Islamism is spreading throughout the world.
  • It is nothing to celebrate that one is gay. Us heterosexuals have never celebrated our orientation. This cheering of gays is disruptive to our society. You can almost get the impression that it is better to be homosexual than heterosexual. I think this is very sad.
  • Some have said that what is happening now is the beginning of World War III. Fundamentalists take over countries with population flows across borders. After some time riots occur, as we see now in France. There is talk about 30,000 recruited suicide bombers.
  • Immigrants in Norway must learn Norwegian. The same should Spaniards in Spain do, if they want to work with Norwegians.
  • Politicians and bureaucrats are the new upper class in Norway. It is an upper class that is growing by an increasing number of top-paid politicians in municipalities and counties. They let the people suffer, but let themselves go free.
  • a bastard (drittsekk).
  • Freedom of speech was set under the respect for the warlord, rapist and female-abuser Muhammad who murdered and accepted rape as a conquest technique.
  • Had it not been for immigrants, there had been no housing crisis in Oslo.
  • He is not greedy, he is thick in the head.
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