Carlos Latuff

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Carlos Latuff in 2012

Carlos Latuff (born 30 November 1968) is a Brazilian political cartoonist.


  • Throughout my my career – which began in 1990 right when the press became unionized – the themes have generally been social-political issues: police brutality, state terrorism, corruption, political maneuvers…And not just in Brazil, the themes I tackle looking abroad include war, armed conflicts, and torture. I’ve also done a lot about the Brazilian military dictatorship.
  • The mainstream media’s side is money- it’s the same side as the financial markets.
  • Journalism always takes a side, whether the journalist chooses to admit it or not.
  • [Y]ou'll have people hijacking the Palestinian struggle as a chance for bashing the Jews, like European neo-Nazis who demonstrate against the occupation of Palestinian territories or the Iraq War. It’s important for the left to keep them apart from the legitimate struggle for the rights of the Palestinians; however, saying that anti-Zionism is antisemitism is a well-known tactic of intellectual dishonesty.