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Carol's Second Act (2019–2020) is an American short-lived sitcom that aired on CBS. On May 6, 2020, CBS cancelled the series after one season.

Pilot [1.01][edit]

Jenny Kenney: These boner pills aren't going to sell themselves.

You Give Me Fever [1.02][edit]

Carol Kenney: The last time we were in a hospital, I was screaming and you were naked.

Marathon Day [1.04][edit]

Dr. Daniel Kutcher: I couldn't even tell you were collapsing. I just thought, 'what an incredible way to sit'.

Dr. Lexie Gilani: Oh, Carol, you drew the short stick, which to you probably just looks like a regular stick.

Dr. Carol Kenney: Looks like the teacher has become the student, and the student, who was a teacher, has become the doctor.

Caleb: I like your stories, Carol. They remind me of jazz. They go everywhere, you never know how long they're gonna take, and you can zone out in the middle and still get the general idea.
Dr. Carol Kenney: Well, I like to think of my stories more like hip hop. They are cool, edgy, and often feature unexpected cameos like the time I saw Yo Yo Ma at the grocery store. [drops an imaginary mic and walks away]

Dr. Carol Kenney: 'Perhaps'. 'Not a complete train wreck'. What's next? 'I love you, Carol'?

Dr. Lexie Gilani: Caleb, you look whiter than usual, which is saying something 'cause you own two pairs of Birkenstocks.
Caleb: You know how every doctor has their one medical thing that grosses them out?
Dr. Daniel Kutcher: Yeah, mine's bile. It's vomit's vomit.
Dr. Lexie Gilani: I hate phlegm. I mean, if the Germans named it, you know it's bad.

The Nightfloat [1.05][edit]

Nurse Dennis: The last intern who called Dr. Jacobs on her night off ended up in the morgue.
Dr. Carol Kenney: As a doctor or as a corpse?
Nurse Dennis: I don't know, I'm not his mother.

Carol's Crush [1.16][edit]

Dr. Stephen Frost: I just mean does any surgeon really deserve to be called Great? Cut, Cut, Snip, Snip a little light sewing. The whole profession is basic arts and crafts.

Caleb: I didn't know you could fit a pine cone in there.
Dr. Lexie Gilani: Oh you can fit it in... but only a medical professional can get it out.

R.I.P. Dr. Herman [1.18][edit]

Dr. Maya Jacobs: We have an annual tradition here at Loyola, where we choose an intern to present at grand rounds.
Dr. Carol Kenney: One of us gets to present in front of all the senior doctors in the hospital?
Dr. Daniel Kutcher: And the rest of you will get to watch me do it.

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