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Caryl Brahms (8 December 1901 – 5 December 1982), born Doris Caroline Abrahams, was an English writer of Turkish-Jewish descent. She studied at the Royal Academy of Music and was ballet correspondent for the London Evening Standard and later the Daily Telegraph. She is best known for her humorous writings.

See also S. J. Simon.


  • Singer worth their while must watch it;
    Always count your dotted crotchet.
    • Rappel 1910

Ooh! La-La![edit]

  • Lucky Australians! They can go on sleeping for another seven hours and stil pass as early risers.
  • He smiled his irresistible smile, but Dora found it highly resistible.
  • It must be someone collecting for charity. Respectable women never call the family for any other reason.

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