Case of the Missing Hare

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Case of the Missing Hare is a Merrie Melodies cartoon from 1942, directed by Chuck Jones. In the cartoon, Bugs Bunny is annoyed by a magician named Ala Bahma, and attempts to get even with him.


[Ala Bahma is nailing flyers all over, including a tree with a hole, and is seemingly proud. Suddenly, the flyer is broken through the hole, and carrot-eating Bugs Bunny emerges, leaving Ala Bahma baffled.]
Bugs Bunny: Eh, pardon me, doc. Fresh out of carrots. [Bugs goes off-screen to pick out carrots and hums, then returns to the tree with a bunch of carrots.] Low bridge! [throws carrots into the tree and comes out with carrot in hand] I live here. It's my home, such as it is. [goes back in]
[Ala Bahma gets agitated and nails another flyer over the hole. Bugs bursts through, angered.]
Bugs Bunny: Look, doc! Do I go around nailing signs over your house? Do I? There's still such thing as private property, you know. Ever hear of inalienable right of the sanctity of home?
Ala Bahma: [with arabian accent] Forgive me, my friend. Do you like blacksberrys pie?
Bugs Bunny: No, no... Eh, did you say blackberry pie? Yum-yummy.
Ala Bahma: [pulls out a blackberry pie from a blanket, then splatters it to Bugs's face]] Well, have some!! [laughs and leaves] What a dumb bunny!
Bugs Bunny:[breaking the 4th wall] Of course you realize this means war!