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Castlevania: Lament of Innocence is an action-adventure game developed and published by Konami for the PlayStation 2. It is part of the Castlevania video game series, and is the first installment of the series to be released for the PlayStation 2.


Konami. Castlevania: Lament of Innocence. Konami Tokyo. PlayStation 2. (in English). (October 21, 2003)


Narrator: In an era long past, as monarchies weakened, local feudal lords grew in power. The first knights simply protected their lords' domains. However, with the reforms of the late 11th century, knights became the protectors of the peace. They valued courage and honor, fighting heretics and heathens in God's name. In this age, one company of knights was said to be invincible due to two men: Leon Belmont, a courageous man who feared nothing and whose combat abilities were second to none, and Mathias Cronqvist, a genius tactician, whose learning made him an exception in a largely illiterate society. They trusted each other completely, and they were bound by an old friendship. However, sorrow awaited Mathias upon his return from a victorious campaign. It was news of the sudden death of his beloved wife, Elisabetha. Mathias' grief was profound and he became bedridden. A year has passed since then. Thanks to Leon's efforts, their company remains proudly undefeated. However, a mysterious army of monsters suddenly appears in Leon's domain. The Crusades are raging in the East, and since the Church is focusing on fighting heathens rather than monsters, it has forbidden unauthorized battles. Leon wants permission to sortie, but the Church has no intention of granting it. One night, Mathias struggles from his sickbed and tells Leon that the appearance of the monsters is tied to a vampire, who has a castle in the Forest, called Eternal Night, and that Leon's betrothed, Sara, has been kidnapped and brought to that castle. Leon realizes that he must renounce his title to rescue his beloved. The forest is swollen with darkness, as if it would rob away everything, and only moonlight provides a ray of hope. A great legend is about to begin.

Leon Belmont: What just happened? I felt something strange.
Rinaldo Gandolfi: Ah, he must really like you. You won't be able to leave now.
Leon Belmont: Who's there?!
Rinaldo Gandolfi: Now, don't get so excited... I'm just an old man. I just came to gawk at the man crazy enough to come here.
Leon Belmont: You don't seem like a monster.
Rinaldo Gandolfi: (laughs) Of course not. What is your name?
Leon Belmont: Leon.
Rinaldo Gandolfi: Leon... You're not... Baron Leon Belmont?
Leon Belmont: Just Leon Belmont. I have given up my title. And you, old man?
Rinaldo Gandolfi: Pardon me, Lord Belmont. My name is... Rinaldo Gandolfi.
Leon Belmont: You can call me Leon. And I will call you Rinaldo. Don't call me "Lord." We're equals now.
Rinaldo Gandolfi: As you wish. Now, please follow me to my cottage. I want to talk to you.
Rinaldo Gandolfi: Wait here a moment. There's something I want to give you.
Leon Belmont: Rinaldo, can I ask you something?
Rinaldo Gandolfi: What is it?
Leon Belmont: Why are you living in a place like this?
Rinaldo Gandolfi: I have unfinished business with Walter Bernhard, the master of this forest.
Leon Belmont: Unfinished business?
Rinaldo Gandolfi: Not worth mentioning. I owe him...
Leon Belmont: Well, I won't ask any more. But... you're not in danger, living so close to him?
Rinaldo Gandolfi: It seems eternal life is extremely boring. He enjoys playing at cat and mouse with the hunters that come here, though, of course, there is no way that he could ever lose... He thinks that my helping hunters makes the game more fun.
Leon Belmont: I see... But what do you mean by there being no way he could lose?
Rinaldo Gandolfi: Vampires are loved by the night, and this forest is locked in eternal darkness. He has never been defeated.
Leon Belmont: Well, that may be so, but I must go ahead and face him.
Rinaldo Gandolfi: Did he take someone precious?
Leon Belmont: Yes, he abducted my betrothed... How did you know that?
Rinaldo Gandolfi: It's what he always does when he starts the game. You came unarmed. Your courage astonishes me.
Leon Belmont: I do have a weapon, just not my sword. That belongs to the Company, and I left it behind when I gave up my title.
Rinaldo Gandolfi: (scoffs) Honest to a fault.
Leon Belmont: I heard that many hunters have met their end here. If that's the case, getting weapons shouldn't be hard.

(Rinaldo hands Leon a whip)

Rinaldo Gandolfi: Take this with you. It will help you against monsters.
Leon Belmont: (holding the whip) What is this?
Rinaldo Gandolfi: A whip made with alchemy. It's stronger than any dead man's discarded sword.
Leon Belmont: Alchemy? I'm not familiar with that word.
Rinaldo Gandolfi: Not surprising. The field experiments with the principles of God's creation of the world. The only person who truly understands it is Mathias.
Leon Belmont: You know Lord Cronqvist?
Rinaldo Gandolfi: I have known him longer than you have. His family has a book of secret arts, originally handed down orally.
Leon Belmont: Secret arts? I never knew...
Rinaldo Gandolfi: Of course not. Only a handful of people in this world know about it. There are some who consider alchemy to be heresy.
Leon Belmont: I see...
Rinaldo Gandolfi: Are you one of them?
Leon Belmont: No... If you are an acquaintance of Mathias, you are trustworthy. I will use this whip with gratitude.
Rinaldo Gandolfi: Put your left hand out.
Leon Belmont: My left hand...? Like this?
Rinaldo Gandolfi: Don't move now.
Rinaldo Gandolfi: That should do it. You can put it down now.
Leon Belmont: (looking at his hand) What was that?
Rinaldo Gandolfi: The gauntlet is enchanted now.
Leon Belmont: A spell?
Rinaldo Gandolfi: Some enemies' attacks release a special power. If you block them with the gauntlet, you can gather that power.
Leon Belmont: What can I do with the gathered power?
Rinaldo Gandolfi: You will be able to use magical relics by releasing that power.
Leon Belmont: Magical relics?
Rinaldo Gandolfi: Right. Those who excel in magic can use them, I have cast the spell so that you can use them as well. I have some; you should be able to obtain them in the castle as well.
Leon Belmont: I understand.
Rinaldo Gandolfi: Right now, this is all I can do for you.

Leon Belmont: Rinaldo, thank you.
Rinaldo Gandolfi: Wait a minute. I forgot to tell you something. The door leading to his throne is guarded by five monsters.
Leon Belmont: So I will need to defeat them first.
Rinaldo Gandolfi: That's right. That's essentially the test you must pass to fight him.
Leon Belmont: (sighs) What a bothersome--
Rinaldo Gandolfi: I told you before. To him, this is a game.
Leon Belmont: I realize that, but...
Rinaldo Gandolfi: If you have troubles, come back here anytime. They won't be free, but I'll keep potions on hand for you.
Leon Belmont: Thank you. I appreciate it.

Leon Belmont: Sara, wait for me. I'm coming to save you.

Medusa: Welcome. I haven't had any visitors in a while.
Medusa: With that body, you'll make an excellent statue.
Leon Belmont: All those stone statues were...

(Leon sees the hunters who came to challenge Medusa were turned to stone)

Medusa: Wonderful sights, weren't they? Don't worry, you'll be joining them soon enough.
Leon Belmont: Are you the legendary monster that turns people to stone?
Medusa: Monster?! What insolence. I'll grind you to dust!

Medusa: (injured breathing) That whip is...
Leon Belmont: It's Rinaldo's whip. Apparently, it's effective even on legendary monsters.
Medusa: It wasn't so powerful before... Did it gain its complete form?
Leon Belmont: Complete form?
Medusa: Still, it's no match for my master...

Leon Belmont: Rinaldo...
Rinaldo Gandolfi: I'm glad you're back. What's the matter? You have an odd look on your face.
Leon Belmont: Well, about this whip...
Rinaldo Gandolfi: Were there problems with it?
Leon Belmont: No, that isn't it. I heard something about it gaining its complete form.
Rinaldo Gandolfi: Oh, that. It's true; the whip is not yet complete.
Leon Belmont: But it has become more powerful than before...
Rinaldo Gandolfi: That is because of you. I hate to say it, but it seems it fits you better than me.
Leon Belmont: Is there a way to complete it?
Rinaldo Gandolfi: It's better for you not to think about that. It's impossible by any normal means...
Leon Belmont: But...
Rinaldo Gandolfi: (angrily) Do not think about it! There are other things you must take care of right now.
Leon Belmont: (sighs) All right.

Leon Belmont: Is someone there? Are you a prisoner here?
Joachim Armster: Who are you...?
Leon Belmont: My name is Leon. And you are...?
Joachim Armster: My name... is Joachim Armster. It's too bad you aren't Walter.
Leon Belmont: This feeling... Are you a vampire?!
Joachim Armster: That's right, lowly human.
Leon Belmont: Why is a vampire locked away here?
Joachim Armster: (angrily) Shut up!
Joachim Armster: Damn Walter... I would have won, were it not for his Ebony Stone.
Leon Belmont: Ebony Stone? What's that?
Joachim Armster: If you want to know, beat me.

(swords begin to circle around Joachim)

Joachim Armster: It'll be a nice prelude to defeating Walter.
Joachim Armster: (pointing at Leon) I'll beat you to a pulp.

Joachim Armster: (injured) To think I lost to a human....
Leon Belmont: You promised, answer me. What is the Ebony stone?
Joachim Armster: A stone made with alchemy... It creates the neverending darkness in this forest.
Leon Belmont: Hence, Eternal Night... But the night should help you as well, since you're a vampire.
Joachim Armster: That stone chooses its master... My powers pale beside his... Oh, if only I had the Crimson Stone...

Leon Belmont: Crimson Stone? He mention alchemy, perhaps Rinaldo should know about this.

Leon Belmont: I have a question, Rinaldo.
Rinaldo Gandolfi: Don't you always? Ask away.
Leon Belmont: The Ebony and Crimson Stones-
Rinaldo Gandolfi: What about them?
Leon Belmont: You knew about them? Why didn't you tell me?
Rinaldo Gandolfi: How would that have changed anything? The night still wouldn't have ended.
Leon Belmont: True, but...
Rinaldo Gandolfi: Well, I would have told you. I shall tell you now.
Leon Belmont: Please.
Rinaldo Gandolfi: Have you ever heard of the Philosopher's Stone?
Leon Belmont: No, I haven't.
Rinaldo Gandolfi: Making the Philosopher's Stone is the ultimate goal of alchemy... It provides eternal youth. The two other stones were apparently created accidentally. No details of how they were made remain now.
Leon Belmont: I see... I know about the Ebony Stone. What kind of power does the Crimson Stone have?
Rinaldo Gandolfi: I don't know the details. It turns the souls of vampires into power for its master. These two stones are the vampires' greatest treasures.
Leon Belmont: Wouldn't the Crimson Stone work for humans as well?
Rinaldo Gandolfi: If all it gave you was power, that might be so...
Leon Belmont: What do you mean?
Rinaldo Gandolfi: I've heard that it bears the curse of the vampires as well.
Leon Belmont: I see... So humanity would be lost.
Rinaldo Gandolfi: There are no greater treasures for those who become vampires.
Leon Belmont: And Walter has the Ebony Stone in his possession?
Rinaldo Gandolfi: That seems to be the case. It was supposedly lost along with the Crimson Stone.
Leon Belmont: But if the Ebony Stone reappeared, then the Crimson Stone...
Rinaldo Gandolfi: May also have resurfaced... I pray it is not here.

Leon Belmont: Sara?!
Sara Trantoul: Leon, you came to save me!
Leon Belmont: Thank goodness, I'm so glad that you're not hurt!
Sara Trantoul: I can't believe you're safe!
Leon Belmont: Let's get out of here first.
Sara Trantoul: (evilly) Yes.
Leon Belmont: Who are you?!
Sara Trantoul: Oh my, too bad and I thought this will work so well.
Leon Belmont: I was careless, it was obvious that it wouldn't be so easy!
Succubus: I was going to let you die without any suffering because I liked the way you looked.
Leon Belmont: Well, that's just too bad.
Succubus: Ah, but I've changed my mind, your face warped in pain, just the thought thrills me. Oh, this would be lovely.

Succubus: (injured) If I would know this will happen. I wouldn't fought you in the guise of your loved one. Then.... like that old man, you would have...
Leon Belmont: Old man? Are you talking about Rinaldo? what do you mean?
Succubus: Th-that old man... his own daughter....

Rinaldo Gandolfi: Ah, you did well to come back.
Leon Belmont: Rinaldo, please tell me...
Rinaldo Gandolfi: What is it?
Leon Belmont: About your daughter....
Rinaldo Gandolfi: I don't know what you've heard, but you don't need to know anymore.
Leon Belmont: Rinaldo, you help me so much, the least I can do for you is listen to your story and support you in your suffering.
Rinaldo Gandolfi: Needless meddling.... Very well, I'll tell you. It was five years ago... A cold night with a full moon. I returned home from picking herbs necessary for the secret arts and what greeted me was a sea of steaming blood. And at the center of it were the bodies of my wife and son... I could not believe my eyes... My daughter was there, laughing, blood dripping from her mouth....
Leon Belmont: She was turned into a vampire?
Rinaldo Gandolfi: That's right... By Walter... My daughter went out a window without even looking at me. When I recovered, I build the whip with alchemy. Then I searched for her...
Leon Belmont: I see. I've heard enough! So this is what you meant when you said you owed him...
Rinaldo Gandolfi: I challenged Walter, but nothing came of it. That is why I lived here and help those who wish to fight him.
Leon Belmont: I've never would have guessed...
Rinaldo Gandolfi: (angrily) Forget everything I just said. Think only of yourself now. He's not a opponent you can beat while distracted.
Leon Belmont: No, you're wrong.
Rinaldo Gandolfi: What do you mean?
Leon Belmont: The force of your grief can only make me stronger. Thank you... I am grateful...
Rinaldo Gandolfi: Do as you will.

Walter Bernhard: Welcome to my castle. Pleased to meet you. I am the master of the castle, Walter Bernhard.
Leon Belmont: (pointing at him) Give back Sara!!
Walter Bernhard: Do not rush. Your lady is here.
Leon Belmont: Sara!! Why? Why won't she answer?
Walter Bernhard: It seems the lady is tired. Hmm, it seems you are, too. Rest a while...
Leon Belmont: What?!
Walter Bernhard: Well... That whip is Rinaldo's, is it?
Leon Belmont: It can't be! My attack doesn't work...
Walter Bernhard: I see. It's just as that knight said. Very well. You've made it this far. I'll return her as a reward.
Leon Belmont: Sara!!
Walter Bernhard: I'll be in the throne room on the highest floor. I look forward to you making it there alive.

(Walter walks away as he laughs evilly) (Leon checks Sara if she's all right and finally she wakes up)

Sara Trantoul: Leon... Leon, is that you?
Leon Belmont: You're awake! Thank goodness... A friend is waiting for us. Let's go see him first.

Leon Belmont: Sara, this way.
Leon Belmont: Sara!! What's the matter?!
Rinaldo Gandolfi: What's all this racket?
Leon Belmont: Rinaldo! Sara suddenly...!
Rinaldo Gandolfi: Oh, no! You go on inside.
Leon Belmont: But...
Rinaldo Gandolfi: There is nothing you can do. Wait quietly inside.
Leon Belmont: All right... Please take care of Sara.
Leon Belmont: How is Sara doing?!
Rinaldo Gandolfi: She's sleeping in the back.
Leon Belmont: (sigh of relief) What in the world happened?
Rinaldo Gandolfi: The barrier around this house... It responded.
Leon Belmont:(scarily) What are you saying? That's... That's not possible.
Rinaldo Gandolfi: There's no use hiding it, so I will tell you plainly. That girl has been tainted by the vampire.
Leon Belmont: (angrily) You're lying! That can't be!
Rinaldo Gandolfi: Why would I lie to you? You must accept the truth!
Leon Belmont: Please, tell me you're lying.
Rinaldo Gandolfi: She is not a vampire yet, to be precise. She won't even be aware of it... But as time passes, she will gradually lose her humanity. Like my daughter...
Leon Belmont: Is there anything I can do?
Rinaldo Gandolfi: The only thing would be to defeat Walter immediately.
Leon Belmont: Tell me, is this whip effective against him?
Rinaldo Gandolfi: Why do you ask?
Leon Belmont: I tried to strike him with it, but it didn't seem to work.
Rinaldo Gandolfi: It is as I thought, then... it didn't even work for you...
Leon Belmont: Isn't there another way?
Rinaldo Gandolfi: Well, there is, but...
Leon Belmont: Tell me! I'll do anything!
Rinaldo Gandolfi: Then let me ask you this. Can you kill that girl?
Leon Belmont: (shocked) What are you saying...?
Rinaldo Gandolfi: If you make the whip complete, you can destroy him. But in order to do that, you need a tainted soul-- One that trusts you and one that you can trust...
Leon Belmont: I abandoned everything in order to save Sara! I could... I could never do such a thing.
Rinaldo Gandolfi: Even knowing she's not human, it's a difficult thing to do. I'm not surprised.
Leon Belmont: Is she really... Is Sara really...
Rinaldo Gandolfi: There's no doubt about it. I confirmed the bite mark. The fact that the barrier responded is proof above all else.
Leon Belmont: Sara?!
Rinaldo Gandolfi: Did she overhear us just now?!

Leon Belmont: Sara!
Sara Trantoul: Please stay away!
Leon Belmont: Sara, calm down. Did you... Did you hear us talking? It's okay. Please trust me. I will save you, I will, you'll see.
Sara Trantoul: I appreciate how you feel... But I... I have no time left.
Leon Belmont: No time...?
Sara Trantoul: I can feel it. My heartbeat is weakening and my blood is growing cold... I can feel myself changing into something inhuman... If my soul can save others, then I won't die in vain. I do not want anyone else to suffer my fate.
Leon Belmont: Why...
Sara Trantoul: Please. If you still love me, please grant me my final wish.
Leon Belmont: I cannot...
Rinaldo Gandolfi: You dishonor yourself, Leon. How do you think Sara feels...?!
Leon Belmont: I know, Rinaldo! I do know, but...
Rinaldo Gandolfi: Leon... All that is needed now is your resolve.
Sara Trantoul: Leon... I will be with you...
Leon Belmont: Rinaldo. What must I do?
Rinaldo Gandolfi: So, you've decided. You must enter into a blood covenant with Sara's soul. Focus your spirit on Sara.
Rinaldo Gandolfi: All becomes one in infinity. The tainted soul joins his. Undesired and cursed soul, His blood accepts your hatred. For the power to slay your kind. Now! Use the whip against Sara!
Leon Belmont: I swear to you! No more will suffer your fate!
Sara Trantoul: (gasp) Thank you, Leon...
Leon Belmont: Sara...! SARAAAAAAA!
Rinaldo Gandolfi: That was one of the forbidden secrets described in the book belonging to Mathias's family. Now, that whip has become the bane of the children of the night.
Leon Belmont: Yes, I can tell... The power of hatred and destruction that the whip has against vampires...
Rinaldo Gandolfi: I'm sorry, Leon.
Leon Belmont: It couldn't be helped... It is no one's fault... It was what Sara wanted...
Rinaldo Gandolfi: Are you going already...?
Leon Belmont: Yes. I must keep the promise I made to Sara.
Rinaldo Gandolfi: I see... Come back again anytime. I can be of some help to you.

Walter Bernhard: Welcome. I have been waiting, Leon.
Leon Belmont: Walter... I will never forgive you.
Walter Bernhard: I see... It seems you have enjoyed the gift that I gave you.
Leon Belmont: (growls) Yes, thanks to that, I now have the power to defeat you.
Walter Bernhard: Well, that power- is quite something. But I am beloved by the night. You will taste my powers.
Walter Bernhard: Interesting... Now, the curtain rises on this delightful little game.

Walter Bernhard: WHAT?!
Leon Belmont: Now, there is nothing left to protect you! I'LL FULFILL MY PROMISE TO SARA NOW!
Walter Bernhard: Not yet... The power of the night is still full. I SHALL TEACH YOU THE MEANING OF TRUE TERROR!

Walter Bernhard: (injured) It can't be... This should not have happened...
Leon Belmont: Sara's suffering... and Rinaldo's grief... Carve them into your cursed body and perish!

(Walter begins to die)

Walter Bernhard: But... With my powers, I will surely come back to life... I could not obtain the Crimson Stone, but someday, it will be mine!
Walter Bernhard: NO! YOU BETRAYED ME?!
Death: This power... I offer to the king who wields the Crimson Stone!

Mathias Cronqvist:(breath of relief) Excellent, I've never spent a better night.
Leon Belmont:(shocked) Mathias?!.
Mathias Cronqvist: You didn't disappoint me Leon, I knew without a doubt that you would accomplish this.
Leon Belmont: What is the meaning of this?
Mathias Cronqvist: I needed a powerful vampire's soul. That is all.
Leon Belmont: Are you saying you used me?
Mathias Cronqvist: Not just you, your betrothed Sara, Rinaldo, and Walter. I used all of you.
Mathias Cronqvist: I never thought that it will go so well, though.
Leon Belmont:(pointing at the Crimson Stone) Is that, that stone... the Crimson Stone?!
Mathias Cronqvist: Ah, you know it? I'm impressed. I made Walter's soul mine with the power of this stone.
Leon Belmont: I sensed a rage from this whip. Mathias! You abandoned humanity?!
Mathias Cronqvist: That's right, by becoming a vampire, I obtained eternal life. That was my goal. It was my revenge against God!
Leon Belmont:(shocked) Revenge against God?!
Mathias Cronqvist: We have risked our lives and fought for the sake of God... But God, mercilessly stole away the one I loved most. When all I ever wish for was Elisabetha's safety!! If limited life is God's decree then I shall defy it!! And within that eternity, I shall curse him forevermore!
Leon Belmont: (sighs sadly) Mathias...
Mathias Cronqvist: Leon, after what you've been through, you should know...
Leon Belmont: Yes, you're right. I do understand how you feel... I, too...
Mathias Cronqvist: Then come with me. I will give you eternity, too.
Leon Belmont: You wretched fool.
Mathias Cronqvist: What?!
Leon Belmont: Is this what the woman you loved would have wanted? The Mathias I know would not have loved such a woman.
Mathias Cronqvist: Elisabetha was a kind, honorable woman. She was concerned only for me to the very end... That is why I hate Him! Am I wrong?! Did you not defeat Walter with hatred in your heart, too?
Leon Belmont: Yes. I'd be lying if I claimed otherwise. But defeating him... No, preventing others from suffering the same cursed fate... That was Sara's dying wish... Granting my beloved's wish. That is all I can do to prove my love to Sara. Eternity without her would be nothing but emptiness.
Mathias Cronqvist: Leon... I though that you would understand... Dawn is coming... Farewell, Leon. Death, he's all yours.
Leon Belmont: Stop!
Leon Belmont: No!
Death: By my master's orders, YOU'LL BE DESTROYED HERE AND NOW!

Death: To think that I would be...
Leon Belmont: I have the power to destroy all related to the vampires. Though you have divine powers, you are no exception.
Death: Unfortunately for you, as long as my master survives, I will rise from the dead...
Leon Belmont: I see. Give him this message: You have become a cursed being and I will never forgive you. This whip and my kinsmen will destroy you someday. From this day on, the Belmont Clan will hunt the night.

Rinaldo Gandolfi: (sees the sun rising in the sky) So, he did it.


Narrator: And so the story of the Belmont Clan's struggle against evil begins. However, Mathias and the Belmonts will not meet again for hundreds of years. Mathias goes into hiding in foreign lands and continues to curse God for eternity. Eventually, he names himself Lord of the Vampires, King of the Night. The years before their next meeting pass slowly and quietly, but with finality: the intermission in this exquisite play from which two souls will never escape.

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