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There are far too many themes. Themes ought to be general categories encompassing a wide variety of quotes. Just because you have a quote that you want to put under a theme does not mean you should create your own specific theme. For example: "Flag of South Africa" is a poor excuse for a theme, it could probably be put under "patriotism" or make a more general category "flags" so that content will accumulate faster and we won't have so many stubs to sort through.


I think we should add madness as a theme. I've seen many many quotations about crazy ppl, being crazy, being mad..... Soul infector 03:03, 3 April 2007 (UTC)Reply[reply]

What about Epigraphs?[edit]

Both quotes about epigraphs and epigraphs themselves... They deserve a place... Gmg


What does everyone think about creating a theme page about risk? There are plenty of enough good quality quotes for there to be a substantial amount of information on it.