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Cathia Uwamahoro (Gisozi, 5 August 1993) is a Rwandan cricketer who is well known for breaking a Guinness world record in 2017 for the longest cricket net session made by a woman.


  • I am extremely happy to achieve this. It was a long journey, but finally all has ended well
  • Because of the love I gradually attained for cricket, I learnt the rules of the game pretty fast and I was able to play for the U19 National Team in Kenya in 2008. I was also able to play in 2010 and 2011 in Tanzania and I learnt a lot and gained more skills in all these region tournaments,
  • At first I didn’t like fielding because I was afraid of the ball hitting me but with time, I over came my fears and I can now field, bat and ball because it’s required as a team player.
  • To me, cricket means more than just a sport, it’s also my source of hope. I was in despair, with no clear purpose of life before joining this beautiful sport,
  • I first got to witness cricket with my eyes in 2008 and I immediately picked interest. There was no women’s team then, so I started training with the boys, which I believe help me adapt quickly,
  • After that the tournament, I realised my potential and decided to the take the game more seriously. By then, cricket in Rwanda was still at a low level and we performed poorly but I was very happy to represent my country,
  • “I received overwhelming support and broke down when I remembered how I used to sit alone with my mother in our house in Gisozi. Many people congratulating me from Rwanda and abroad was both humbling and inspiring,”
  • It’s having a hand in the construction of Rwanda’s first ever cricket stadium and having been able to inspire young girls to join cricket because ever since I joined the number of girls have increased as well as female cricket clubs.

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