Cello Concerto (Dvořák)

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The Cello Concerto in B minor, Op. 104, B. 191, is the last solo concerto by Antonín Dvořák.


\relative c'
{\key b \minor	
\time 4/4
\clef bass
\tempo "Allegro. Quasi improvisando"
b4. _\markup{\dynamic f \italic" risoluto" } \downbow cis16 dis b2 \upbow | 
b4. \downbow a16 fis b2 \upbow | 
b8._\< dis16 fis8.-> e16 dis4->\! < a, fis' c' >->\fz \arpeggio | 
< fis dis' b' >^>\fz \arpeggio < fis dis' a' >^>\fz \arpeggio < es c' g' >^>\fz \arpeggio <dis a' fis'>^>\fz \arpeggio |

Quotes about Cello Concerto[edit]

  • If I had known that it was possible to compose such a concerto for the cello, I would have tried it myself!
    • Johannes Brahms, quoted in Florence May, "Johannes Brahms" Vol 2, Munich 1983, P. 301

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