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Chabilal Upadhyaya (12 May 1882 - 24 January 1980) was the first (selected) president of the Assam Pradesh Congress committee.


Quotes about person/work[edit]

  • If the soul of Mahatma Gandhi was in search of freedom from the tyranny of British people and British Rule against fellow Indians, the heart of Chabilal Upadhyaya cried for the cruelty of British Administration and British machinery on Kaziranga people. Both of them thought for their people. Chabilal with all the leaders in Assam joined actively with the non-cooperation movement lead by Gandhiji. He did not leave any stone unturned in the nation wide non-cooperation movement. The blazing flame of brute fire of Kaziranga turned into ever greatest protest as Non-cooperation movement against the British Empire. And Chabilal, was sent to imprisonment for three months. To keep him away from the movement and pro people activities, they tried to tempt him, they tried to divide him with his leaders and followers, they tried to punish him, but of no avail, he remained unmoved in his decision. For his capacity to take right decision in right time, for his heroic manner and bravery, for his pains taking attitude and for his patriotism he became popular among the people and in the state and national level elite society.
    • Chhabilal Upadhyaya (Nepali:छबिलाल उपाध्याय) Indian Gorkha freedom fighter by Indian Gorkha News Desk 9 March 2016)

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