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Champion is a 1949 American film noir drama about boxer Midge Kelly who rises to fame...mainly by stepping on other people.

Directed by Mark Robson. Written by Carl Foreman, based on the story ""Champion" by Ring Lardner.
Every woman goes for a Champion.taglines

Midge Kelly[edit]

  • For the first time in my life, people cheering for me. Were you deaf? Didn't you hear 'em? We're not hitchhiking any more. We're riding!

Tommy Haley[edit]

  • This is a celebration. Midge is getting a shot at the title, and he's got a new manager... a blonde.
  • You know what a "Golem" is? I think I knew all the time I was building one.


Connie Kelly: Oh, this rotten business!
Midge Kelly: Awww, lay off the business. It's like any other business, only here the blood shows.


  • This is the only sport in the world where two guys get paid for doing something they'd be arrested for if they got drunk and did it for nothing.
  • Every woman goes for a Champion.


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