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Chapter 27 is a 2007 film about Mark David Chapman in the days leading up to the infamous murder of John Lennon. The film takes place in December 1980, and is intended to be an exploration of Chapman's psyche.

Written and directed by Jarrett Schaefer. Based on the book Let Me Take You Down by Jack Jones.
No one can survive becoming a legend. (taglines)

Mark David Chapman

  • I believe in Holden Caulfield. And in the book, and what he was saying, what he was saying to a lost generation of phony people.
  • I am gonna kill John Lennon [whispering into the phone].
  • I'll tip her well if she doesn't talk. [ordering a prostitute]
  • Take me somewhere nice. Not too expensive, just nice.
  • I could feel it in my bones, that I'd never see this hotel room again.
  • This is not a coincidence.
  • I *am* Holden. [staring at himself in the mirror]
  • I knew I was gonna do something big, I just didn't know if it was good or bad.
  • I flew all the way across the ocean from Hawaii, and it is an honour to meet you, Mr. Lennon. [shaking five-year-old Sean Lennon's hand]
  • Hey, John! [two loud pops are heard and Yoko stars screaming]
  • I'm too vulnerable for a world full of pain and lies.
  • Everyone needs something, to find something. Everyone is cracked and broken. You have to find something to fix you, to give you what you need, to take you away and make you whole.


Mark David Chapman: You were taking pictures.
Paul: Right here.
Mark David Chapman: Did you take one of me and John? Did you? Did you?
Paul: I think I might have.
Mark David Chapman: Oh my God. Oh my God. I'd do anything for that picture. I'll pay you fifty dollars for it.
Paul: Okay man, relax.

Mark David Chapman: You like rock & roll?
Cabbie #2: Yeah.
Mark David Chapman: You like the Beatles?
Cabbie #2: Sure I do.

Jude: We were going to see a movie, wanna come?
Mark David Chapman: [snorts with laughter] No. I can't stand the movies. They're just so phony.

Mark David Chapman: Good morning, do you know if John Lennon is coming out today? I... I got his new album, and I was hoping to get his autograph.
Second Doorman: I can't help you.
Mark David Chapman: [after a pause] Look, I understand, I know how it is, but I've been waiting for two days already, and it's just... I really want to meet him.
Second Doorman: The thing is I'm not the regular doorman here, so I don't know much about John Lennon.
Mark David Chapman: I knew it. I knew it, I knew it was something like that. Hah!

Jude: The human mind. The human mind is an incredible thing. Once its mind's made up, it can do anything.
Jude: [referring to Hawaii] Then maybe I'll go.
Mark David Chapman: No no not maybe, not maybe. You've got to decide in your mind that you will.

John Lennon: [signing an album for Mark David Chapman] Is that all?
Mark David Chapman: [stunned and shaky] Yeah. Thanks.
John Lennon: You sure? That's all?
Mark David Chapman: Yes. That's all. Thanks, John.
John Lennon: You're welcome.


  • No one can survive becoming a legend.
  • He came to New York to meet John Lennon...and the world changed forever.


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