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Charles Barron (born 7 October 1950) has represented Brooklyn's 42nd District on the New York City Council since 2001.


  • In the year 2000, when he said one farm, one farmer, he was vilified. For 20 years they loved Mugabe because they didn’t take the land from the whites.
  • [Whites] still own 80 to 90 percent of the land. That’s why they like Mandela. That’s why they like Bishop Tutu. They let the whites keep the land.
  • Mouthpiece for a racist, imperialistic American foreign policy controlled by generals and corporate elites. Black people did not vote for Barack Obama for him to bomb an African country, Libya. They elected him to stand up like a man against the forces of imperialism. They voted for him to bail out Harlem, where there is 50 percent Black male unemployment, like they bailed out Wall Street.

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  • We always have taken Charles Barron seriously. What I don’t agree with is the notion that he is surging; there’s just no evidence of it.

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