Charles D. B. King

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Charles D.B. King

Charles Dunbar Burgess King (18751961) was a politician in Liberia of Freetown Creole descent (both of King's parents were ethnic Creoles). He was a member of the True Whig Party, which ruled the country from 1878 until 1980. He served as the 17th President of Liberia from 1920 until 1930.


  • There must be a solidifying of our populations into one compact whole. The various indigenous tribes must be brought into the body politic, taught the duties and responsibilities of civilized government. Into them must be infused or inculcated an appreciative knowledge and understanding of hopes and aspirations of the Fathers who established this nation. There should be no words known in our National Vocabulary of Speech or even of thought as "Americo-Liberian"; "the country-man"; "the new-comer"; "the Sierra Leone man"; or such like terms of designating the various elements of our population.
    • Third Inaugural Address (January 2, 1928)

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