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Charles Gauci (31 March 1952–) is an Australian prelate who was appointed Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Darwin.


  • The Northern Territory is not Melbourne, or Sydney or Adelaide or Perth or Brisbane – it is the Northern Territory, we need to be looking at how do we respond as a Church to the challenges of our time in this place. We are not creating a different Catholic Church. We are the Catholic Church in the Northern Territory.
  • We need to be there walking alongside the Aboriginal people. And they appreciate us being there, but they’ve had their lives dominated by others, controlled by others.
  • Of course we want to be in communion, faithfulness to the universal Church but to also recognise that within the Church we have to react to the realities as they are, not as we wish them or think they should be. We have to start where we are at – to see, to judge, and to act.

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