Charles James Apperley

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Charles James Apperley in 1837

Charles James Apperley (1777 – 1843-05-19), or C. J. Apperley, was an English sportsman, who wrote extensively on hunting and outdoor life under the pseudonym Nimrod. He is best known for his articles in The Sporting Magazine and his books, Memoirs of the Life of the Late John Mytton (1837) and The Life of a Sportsman (1842).


  • It's all over but shouting...
    • The Life of a Sportsman, Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner & Co., Ltd., London (1842, 1905), p. 331.
    • Usually given as (it's) all over but the shouting, but also formerly (it's) all over bar (the) shouting. Said of sporting events, elections, or other fiercely contested events that have just concluded, or in which the outcome is apparently assured.

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