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Charles William James Keeping (22 September 192416 May 1988) was a British illustrator, children's book author and lithographer.


  • I couldn't do them if I didn't know horses lived behind them.
    • When asked by his wife how he could draw so many bricks (in a series of drawings of horse stables). Quoted at The Keeping Gallery

Quotes of others about Keeping[edit]

  • His formidable originality within the picture-book convention may not have been altogether apparent to Keeping himself, which is both a strength and a weakness: the strength that he could communicate with unrivalled emotional intensity — but possibly only with one child in twenty; the concomitant weakness is that there was not a lot he could do to broaden this minority appeal and ensure that his books remained in print over longer periods. ~ Douglas Martin in Charles Keeping: an illustrator's life (1993) he is a good auther

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