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Charles Neville

Charles Neville (December 28, 1938 – April 26, 2018) was an American R&B and jazz musician best known as part of The Neville Brothers. Known onstage as "Charlie the horn man", his saxophone playing helped earn the group a w:Grammy Award for best pop instrumental performance.


  • Everything I've been through, twenty–nine years strung out on dope, the hard time in prison, and an endless obsession with romantic entanglements——were parts of a journey that I'm just now beginning to understand.
    • Neville, Art; Neville, Aaron; Neville, Charles; Neville, Cyril; Ritz, David (2000). The Brothers Neville. Boston: Little, Brown and Company. pp. xii–xiii. ISBN 978-0-316-73009-9. 

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